GTA V download fest?

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I downloaded GTA V today and decided to give it a quick check. Right after the Rockstar logo, it got to a screen where it says "Downloading..". Characters and tips were being shown one by one. It took a while and I decided to quit to dashboard. I wasn't interested in waiting and there were things I wanted to do on the XBOX.

I did hear that it's far bigger than the 7 something GBs, but I I going to have to wait through another long ass download? This time, my XBOX would be completely unusable while it's downloading and it also turns off after a while of inactivity. How long will it take? Anybody know? I was also wondering how much of the game consists of downloads and how much consists of gameplay.

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I'm not too sure cuz I own the disc copy. But the time it takes for it to download will depend on your internet speed and the file size of the game. It can take either a few hours or many hours but it should tell you how large the game file is before you start your download.

As far as the game turning off automatically, can't you disable that in the settings?

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@heatedmagic: Uh oh, it never said how big the file size is before the download started. Am I missing something? It just started automatically on a screen that looked like a loading screen, with the music playing in the background. Just says Downloading on the lower right corner.

Yeah, I can disable that stuff in the settings...

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It looks like this

Been on this screen for a while now. "Downloading", like it states lower right. This is the screen everyone gets when they start the game for the first time, right?