GTA V 7/10 Agreed? SPOILERS

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I got GTA V midnight release and ended up completing the main story two days after, now i did enjoy bits of the game, but i thought the story was really terrible, the real ending (Death wish) was one of the worst i have ever seen. At the end you gotta kill three blokes now you don't really have any reason to kill them other than they have been annoying and the Asian one i completely forgot about. i did find the bank heists pretty good but there wasn't enough of them. I really felt that the ending could of been much better because all that it really said to us was, we are going to make dlc that you will buy to continue this crap story. The game was all hype and it didn't live up to it.

When GTA Online got released oh wow was it terrible, i tried getting online for about 6 hours then gave up, it was so bad the glitches and bugs are ridiculous in that game. Now that it has died down a bit and i got to play some online, i don't think it was down properly, i mean i like how they've put different tasks around the map and that but i miss the old days when everyone would spawn in the airport and everyone's killing each other trying to get a helicopter.

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You might want to spoiler tag that.

I'd give GTA V an 8.

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GTA is all about the singleplayer.

Multiplayer has no business being in this game.

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I don't agree with 7/10.

And there won't be any single player DLC.

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I'd probably give it an 8. The story really didn't go anywhere, many of the missions felt unrewarding because of their lack of rewards, there wasn't anything particularly interesting to spend your money on anyway, and so on...but hey, it was a technical wonder, and it kept me entertained for a couple of weeks.

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@Planeforger: i totally agree, its something there to pass time

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I personally loved the storyline, it comes down to opinion, but even if it was bad, a bad story is nothing to knock a score all the way down to a 7, people need to stop getting worked up over story and play games to have fun, if they did, mabye the gaming industry is not screwed.

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I'm about to spoiler the hell out of the deathwish ending, so skip this post, or just accept it and read on:

The deathwish ending was f*ckin' brilliant. The did the job on that prick Westin, looked at each other and just kinda shrugged it off. Everybody goes their separate ways and that's that.

It was brilliant because everybody seemed to be expecting something profound. These guys are 3 variations on a psychopathic mindset- the killer with the normal(ish) life on the side, the balls to the walls nutjob and the jusifier who lays the blame on the dead- 'they had it comin'.' What were they supposed to do? Start a campfire and sing Kumbaya? I expected nothing from them, got exactly that, and felt strangely satisfied(not to mention amused) by that.

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@ShepardCommandr: Pshhh, speak for yourself. I'm having a blast with the Online, and so are many other people. I will be playing it for a long time.

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9/10 for me.

And gta online is awesome. Having some great times with my crew.

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wow, you like to go to the air port in gta IV and kill each others and get a helo? and thats your reason for liking gtaIV over V, /facepalm.

(ALERT ALERT: CODE RED: We have a code 457588, which means a gamers mind is infected with the stupid gene, please attempt simple comparisons to remedy the situation)

oh my, you must like simple, repetitive and boring gameplay. Sure that was fun the first 100 times, but GTAIV online vs GTAV online is the difference between night and day. GTAV is like top shelf dank at a med shop, and GTAIV online is like some spice you buy at the head shop. GTAIV is like masterbating vs getting laid by a real chick. Nuff said.

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The single player was good but needed more. Online had a terrible start and then when I finally got in I didn't enjoy it very much. Before the patch you lose almost 2k every time you die? Like, wtf Rockstar, do you not want me to screw around ever? I don't see myself playing online very long. Only reason I still do is to hangout with friends and screw around.

So far the patches feel like they are getting it ready for micro transactions to take full affect. You make less money doing missions now and even less if you hit the replay button.

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I agree with OP, while GTA5 is a good game its extremely overrated, and the true ending was just unrealistic in my eyes! They just kill these people then walk off into the sunset and live happily ever after? You can make an ending far fetched but I felt that was just ridiculous in all honesty.

And yes there isn't as much to do as people make out, most of the things you can do can be done in GTA4 anyway, and I wasn't much of a fan of GTA online either.

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No, the game deserves a 4 or 5/10. I really wanted to love it, but it's just so tiresome and mediocre. 90% of the missions involve no actual gameplay. The entire game is pretty much driving back and forth all over the place with cutscenes inbetween, every so often gracing the player with a simplistic third person shooter minigame. The controls for a lot of things are garbage. There's the illusion of a lot of things to do, but the game discourages you from doing any of it as much as possible. You character has the health of a wet piece of toilet paper, leading to constant cheap deaths. There's often no reward for completing any side missions/activities, missions will often fail you due to completely arbitrary garbage.There's no point in buying property because it literally takes several in game years to start turning a profit. Michael and Trevor quickly become incredibly annoying. There's barely any heists. And the game is glitchy.

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I'd give an 8 or 9 personally. I enjoyed the story and missions a lot more than I did with 4, but after finishing the story I felt there wasn't really enough to do to keep me interested in the long term. I agree that the ending was pretty underwhelming, and I also struggled to get into GTA online.

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GTA V is 8 for me, aside from the fact that i really enjoyed the game after long time.


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@lilceazer: the glitches were pretty bad but it should be fixed now, these are the things that u need to expect with new games tho

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The story didn't hook me quite like the other games did, but from a gameplay perspective, it's the best one yet.

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See dont get me wrong some of the missions were good like bank hiests but the last bank hiest was shite in my opinion well if you pick stealth, because you could of at least go in your self subdue the guard then take the gold but no they use it as a cutscene time...... it was such an anti climax, im really not looking for to any video game ending in the future, except shenmue 3 if its ever made