GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City or Complete Edition?

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#1 Posted by Gamer_4_Fun (2582 posts) -

I have GTA IV, and i want to get the EFLCS. However, I am stuck between the complete edition and just the EFLCS. I know the complete edition contains the vanilla game as well which I already have. My question is, is there any difference between EFLCS and Complete edition? I heard the Complete edition contains more radio, music track and guns of the expansion packs and brings to the vanilla game?

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I don't think there's any difference between them really.

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I believe with the complete edition, whatever game you play you get all the new songs plus the old ones. I think the guns are specific for each game though.

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id say get the complete edition. i was gonna get just the episodes and then i saw that they had the complete edition for the same price. it should be pretty cheap now

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Complete edition it is, thanks
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Guns are specific to each game, idk about radio stations but if you already have GTA IV just buy episodes from liberty city

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if you don't like GTA IV then why bother with the expansions?
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if you don't like GTA IV then why bother with the expansions?lamprey263
I love GTA IV
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The complete edition comes in an ugly red or silver case :p
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[QUOTE="lamprey263"]if you don't like GTA IV then why bother with the expansions?Gamer_4_Fun
I love GTA IV

oh, some reason I read that as "I hate GTA IV" not "I have GTA IV"... >_< doh