GTA 6 - City Of paradise ?

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Well, at least Vegas is a lot smaller than LA, so maybe there won't be so much driving from point to point before the action starts. Unless, of course, you have to drive from Vegas to LA to do a mission.

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Would love map of similar style to Just Cause 2, mountains , lakes,rivers, with of course huge cities, maybe 2 or 3, could add trucking missions as we had in san andreas, horses lol, maybe a bit more cell shaded/cartoonish graphics, bring back fun gta feel, personally i think cell shaded games are mad, so much detail

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They could add Las Venturas on the GTA5 map with a add on pack.

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Oh you people :) falling for the oldest photoshop trick in the book :D

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Calling it now, Fake.

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I can do this in 2 minutes with Photoshop.

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Not real imo's.