Ground Zeroes vs Infamous vs ????

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which is the better buy? $30 for a polished tech demo with replayability or full price for the first major ps4 exclusive game. I'm considering not getting either for some reason. Waiting for watchdogs. not a whole lot on my must buy list right now. considering getting ac4 to tide me over instead. what to do what to do. The last line is kind of the kicker. I'm thinking ac4 is my best bet but not sure.

right now games owned

nba 2k14

madden 25

killzone shadowfall

all the downloadable stuff. not a whole lot I play. dead nation and resogun and don't starve were the best imo.. I think resogun was pretty overrated though. Its just a standard shooter that people went gaga over. Don't starve was more fun to me but I played it for a couple days and was done. Dead nation I played all the way through.

just played ac2 on 360 for free. messing around with gta 5 still. That's mainly what i'm playing but im not a huge fan of the gta series. I want something better.

Other games that interest me are

Dragon Age Inquisition

Witcher 3

Murdered Soul Suspects


The Order-although not b ig on linear games but love uncharted and the last of us was good too. I make exceptions here because they are so good.

Buying MLB The Show when it comes. The crew etc look like fun but I don't see these as buys. Maybe Drive Club for sure though. I need a racing game. I think I would get Drive Club.

Killzone great fun for a while but i'm guessing Destiny will make me throw that out the window as far as first person shooter of choice.

I don't know what else. Should I get any of these games? None of these games are blowing my mind. But look cool.

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I like infamous and all. liked the 2nd one in particular but I wouldn't consider them great games. second son looks like more of the same with just better graphics and more stylized to me. I'm not really buying the hype for some reason. I'm an older gamer and like games with more meat and depth to them I guess.

I'm thinking aC 4 is my best bet until watchdogs and some of these better rpgs start coming out.

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How about wait till Friday and see what reviews it gets.

Im passing on ground zeros for a while since ill be busy with Infamous Friday. Then once im finished with infamous, Watch dogs will be out.