Grand Theft Auto 4 - Mission Progression problems - Please help?

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Hello, thank you for reading this and if you have an answer, thank you for helping me. I am playing on the Xbox 360. In Grand Theft Auto 4, I am not seeing anybody to take a mission from on my map (their letter, it is not there). People who I want to finish missions with are not answering their phones, nor are they calling/emailing/texting me. This does not allow me to progress further into the game and thus makes it useless to play. If you have ANY tips or help, please post. Here are my current stats relevant to what may be causing this problem (see below). General Stats Game progress: 26.92% Missions passed: 37 Missions failed: 16 (I re-attempted them and completed them all besides a Vigilante one) Missions attempted: 53 Replays used: 15 Current money: $44,151 Times busted: 0 Times died: 5 People killed: 208 Saves made: 11 Playing time: 14:07:21 Longest non-stop game: 06:03:39 Times cheated: 228 (Mostly healing myself, ammunition replenishing, and car fixing) Days passed: 35 Roman like: 100% Roman respect: 100% Roman mission progress: 100% Vlad mission progress: 100% Jacob like: 64% Jacob respect: 60% Jacob mission progress: 100% Faustin mission progress: 100% Manny mission progress: 100% Elizabeta mission progress: 50% Dwayne like: 50% Dwayne respect: 50% Brucie like: 68% Brucie respect: 100% Brucie mission progress: 100% Playboy mission progress: 66.67% Francis mission progress: 16.67% Player Stats Michelle fondness: 95% Misc Stats Time spent on internet: 00:30:34 Emails received: 27 Emails sent: 21 Calls made from phone: 95 Calls received on phone: 29 Time spent calling: 00:22:48 Texts received: 34 Photos taken: 1 Total dates: 5 Successful dates: 5 Bad dates: 0 Scored with girl: 3 Cutscenes watched: 56 Mind you, these are not ALL of the stats located within the start menu, just the ones that may give you an idea on what I have done wrong or what I have missed. Please help me, I would like to progress further in the story mode. :( If you can help me get through this and get back on the track of doing missions, I will love you forever.
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Ac3tyl, I need to know a couple things before i can help you. What was the last story mission that you did? Have you waited several in-game days before asking for help? Do you have the Episodes From Liberty City packs? If so, which ones? Are you playing the default GTA 4 or one of the expansion packs? Just answer my questions and I may be able to help you.