Gotham City Impostors: Review

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Gotham City Impostors is a Free to Play First-Person-Shooter. It takes place in the grungy city of Gotham where two groups of essentially hooligans are at war with each other. Reminiscent of Gangs of New York, the Bats and the Jokerz are out to kill each other while Batman is out protecting the rest of the city. Armed with some rudimentary and comical weapons, they fight to the death in various unique and intriguing stages.

The game as a whole is straightforward—you have a round where you as a team need to accomplish a basic objective. What ultimately differentiate this game from other FPS’ are its numerous amounts of customization and unique additions. Having the license of using Batman’s likeness as a theme, the game allows for the inclusion of many Batman related items such as artwork.

The customization allows for a lot of freedom on how to make you more unique and different. Starting from the basic, you are given a choice of many different guns. Most of which will need to be unlocked from gaining unlocks. These are given from accomplishing achievements, leveling, and various objectives. The modifications for guns range from the traditional sights on a rifle to the odder and entertaining Body Odor Sniffer which can reveal nearby enemies.

You are given loadouts (or profiles) and you choose your Primary and Backup Weapon. Alongside the weapons, you get an assortment of Support items (such as boomerang) and Gadgets (like the grappling gun). As with the Primary weapon, you will unlock all the other items by unlocks where you choose what you want. Unfortunately you are not able to test the weapon out beforehand so make sure you make the right decision. With those items, you get the choice of Fun Facts which are essentially Perks, Rampage which are killstreak/deathstreak procs, and finally Psych Profiles. These are the double-edge swords of bonuses; you can choose to gain a bonus for fulfilling a prerequisite but if you do not, you will receive a penalty.

On top of modifying your weapons and items, you can alter your body shape. By changing your body shape, it alters how you perform at jumping, how much health you have, and the overall theme of your loadout. You get the choice of; Speedy, Nimble (the only way to play as female), Tough, Burly, and Mighty. The body shape can also change how your cosmetic items appear, for better or worse. You can change the look of your Joker and having him look amazing while speedy. If you use a heavier loadout with the same outfit, it can look hilarious and potentially embarrassing.

The game does have a lot going for it but there are a few downfalls which unfortunately hinder the game. One of which is the player population and its rather lacking existence. The unfortunate consequence of there not being a large enough player pool is my now inability to tryout the different Game Modes. In the game, you can play; Team Deathmatch, Fumigation, Psych Warfare, Bounty Hunter, Challenges, and Initiation. Of those listed, four of them are actually multiplayer and of those four, only one is playable. I tried for quite some time to play Fumigation, Psych Warfare, and Bounty Hunter but I could never get a game going. Either no one joined the lobby or there were an insufficient number of players.

From the many rounds of Team Deathmatch I did play, I enjoyed myself. The matches are very chaotic and fast paced. You can tell with the customization of weapons and general feel of the matches, the Call of Duty(CoD) series played a major role as an influence. Much of the stages are small and very corridor based so you will be running around and bumping into enemies repeatedly. The major negative for the game is its very wonky and lacking balancing system for teams. Player level is not an indicator of skill so most matches I played resulted in a one sided battle (either in my favor or the enemies).

Another negative part of the combat is the sheer number of ways you can die instantly. Often enough, you will die without being able to put up any glimmer of a fight. The traps and Support Items can lead to a feel of pointlessness and invisibility (of your death).

Along the same issue are the weapons and their strengths. There are a good number of weapons that are just vastly superior. Luckily enough the weapons vary enough to where you will see a good assortment of weapons and items being used. But, this also leads to a large number of them being too strong. Unless you are essentially a tank, expect to die very quickly.

The other shortcomings of the game have to do with its options (or rather, lack-of…). To begin with, the Menu is very simplistic. Going through the different menus is fine until you start messing with the loadouts. Sad to say but the design of the loadouts is pretty atrocious. It does not feel comfortable at all and paved with annoyances. One of the major issues is going back after you enter the loadout. If you enter the Primary slot followed by the weapon and wish to go back once, well guess what, you are out of luck. If you press back, it takes to back to the beginning of the loadout. You cannot go back to the previous menu. The scrolling for mods, cosmetics, and skins make you feel lost. Your never know where in the list you are so you will keep scrolling until it pops to the top or bottom.

The options have their limitations as well but are luckily not a complete disappointment. For those that play FPS a lot (and those weak to their stomachs), there is a Field of View slider. It is an option that many find necessary so when games like CoD: Ghost comes out and it is not an option, people get upset. Another important addition is Toggle Aim, an option I hate with a passion. By default it is enabled so if you aim, it will stay on until you click again. This can lead to your death very easily. An option which was missing is a proper supported Windowed Mode. Now, what game developers need to realize is that having a proper Windowed Mode (in particular, borderless Windowed Mode) is incredibly important. I cannot stress enough how infuriating it is to play a game that lacks one. It means we as players must go through launcher options and resort to third-party software.

Overall, the game is not without its faults. But, the game is solid and considering it is Free-to-Play, I would recommend it just to try out. Do not expect a lot from the game and you should be pleasantly surprised. The leveling and rewards given makes leveling enjoyable. The game does a good job of appealing to the achievement side of us gamers. I would recommend playing this with friends; it should make the experience far more entertaining and less frustrating.

What the game has going for it:

  • · Quirky and can be comical.
  • · Lots of customization
  • · Fast paced combat
  • · Large array of weapons and items
  • · Gadgets add a level of uniqueness and strategy


  • · Loadout UI can be infuriating
  • · Relatively small player base so makes playing other modes difficult
  • · Weapons in need of balancing
  • · Some of the weapons do not feel very solid.
  • · Was disconnected from matches on multiple occasions out of the blue.

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