Good 2D adventure games for PS2?

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#1 Posted by paky999 (5 posts) -
Do you know some good 2D adventure game for ps2?
#2 Posted by BlendThree (122 posts) -
As you know, 2D is getting ever more few & far between but there are a few solid platformers for the PS2 that I've discovered: Disney's Kim Possible is perhaps the best the lot in terms of fun, challenge and versatility: George of the Jungle is similar but a bit more difficult, not quite as good but close: Despicable Me captures a lot of the magic of the movie but is by far the most puzzle-heavy of this lot: Finally Astro Boy (from D3 not Sega) is a side scrolling beat-em up/ flying shooter: There may be more but these are the 2D games in my PS2 collection and they are all still available (new) through retailers like Amazon- and pretty cheap to boot.
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The Jungle is one of the good 2D adventure game for ps2.