Golden Sun 2 Password Transfer

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#1 Posted by djphelps (331 posts) -

Does anyone have a Golden Sun Gold password that I can input into Golden Sun 2? I don't need maxed out characters with all the best stuff, just one with all the Djinn and sidequests completed.


#2 Posted by LOEAnubis (12135 posts) -
I can get you mine later tonight... as I am at work and will be out of pocket until about 9 PM EST... it has all Djin, some of the super weapons, all side quest items... it made my game a lot easier.
#3 Posted by djphelps (331 posts) -
awesome. thanks!
#4 Posted by 7CloudStrife7 (1764 posts) -
if you look at the faq section on gamefaqs there are several passwords with the requirements you want