Global Naval Strike Force is RECRUITING!!!!!!!!!!!

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Greetings to all I wanted to stop by and let everyone know that Global Naval Strike Force or GNSF is a VMC or Virtual Military Command. We are currently looking for active players to come and join us. Serving in a VMC you serve an active military career. Earning ranks, ribbons, medals and command positions as you gain XP and time with our scoring system. We also offer many combat sims along with voice chat. Playing mission, co-op, and pvp. Come check out GNSF and we look forward to you joining our ranks. GNSF is unlike any other VMC as you full control over how far and how fast you move up. If you want to just have fun and play staying as an ensign to move up gaining ranks, awards, and staff positions is all up to you. LTJG D3z3rtr4t TF-73/TO