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Hi , I'm Marika from Guru games, and right now I'm hanging around on different forums looking for feedback on our game Magnetic.

So I'll just get right to the game, yeah?

Magnetic is a first person puzzle game where the player manipulates itself and the environment with the use of a Magnet Gun. The player is an inmate in a strange prison-like environment where deadly traps and devious puzzles will try to stop you from escaping. However deadly the traps there is constantly a strange voice, taunting you, with the phrase; “Remember, there is always a way out…”.

You must master the Magnet Gun and the laws of magnetism in order to even stand a chance of surviving. And even if you do survive the traps and puzzles… Is there really a way out? The only way to know is to push forward.

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anyway please tell us what you think!