Garrys Mod graphics not showing up, help?

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#1 Posted by k41m (737 posts) -

They are like Black/Purple (or pink) textures instead of the textures that are supposed to show up, I own and have downloaded a lot of the Source games. I dont get it :(

#2 Posted by fatee (309 posts) -

It's a problem with the older source engine.

Go to: Your drive/steam/steamapps/common/garysmod/

You will see an config folder. Delete it - now go to the folder containing "materials". Delete the entire materials folder. It may be located in another folder (I don't own the game, but it won't be hard to find)

Now, restart steam.

Select the game on the list, right click - select properties. Under the properties tab, select local, then click "verify integrity of game cache"


#3 Posted by Hennius (47 posts) -

Pipe-line converstion problem maybe...

I have come accross this error before and found it to be an problem with the directory for the shader profiles of textures. Reinstalling the game is next step after "Verifying intergrity of game cache".

If in ABSOLUTE desire to get it sorted. I would suggest reinstalling steam from scratch and starting again. But thats your !Last! resort.