Gaming with Girlfriend: Xbox with Kinect or Wii?

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Hey guys! My girlfriend and I have recently decided it might be a fun idea to start gaming together. She isn't much of a gamer, so we initially had the idea that purchasing a Wii would be our best option, especially for games like The Michael Jackson Experience, Just Dance 1-4, and every other mini game collection ever made. Alternatively, I've seen some fairly positive reviews for Kinect-based games such as Dance Central and the modified 360 version Michael Jackson Experience. What do you guys think?
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Gotta go with Kinect on this one especially with dance games. There are also some really enjoyable non-dance games as well.
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If you get Xbox with Kinect. Then if your girlfriend likes Kinect you will be ready to switch over to Xbox 720 with Kinect 2.

The wii is no longer having new games made. Even though it is cheap. The kinect is a better bet. As for games rent lots of Kinect games with Gamefly. So you won't have to spend lots of money on games She might not enjoy.

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Wii seems to have a lot more casual friendly party games.

You can't beat Mario Kart.

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My brother and his girlfriend seem to have fun with their Kinect. Also, its worth keeping in mind that the Kinect is a living (still selling, still supported) system while the Wii has been dead for two years.

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the Wii you may be a little to Girlfriend friendly and u'll be stuck playing Just Dance and the like for eternity, Kinect however is simply a gateway drug to eventually chainsawing a locust through the gut. The desired destination for any relationship I'm sure :) 

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Wii seems to have a lot more casual friendly party games.

You can't beat Mario Kart.


These are some of the most 'women-friendly' games ever made.

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If you're biggest concern is social/dancing games and tracking, I'd recommend Move. It's more accurate than the other two in tracking (maybe because of the light?). But if you're thinking she would be using it more to intro into gaming--i.e. she'll be doing some solo casual games--Kinect would be a good fit.

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I would go with Wii

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Why would you want to do that to your girlfriend? Take her out to dinner and buy her a SNES instead. 

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Try her with some couch co-op my GF likes Gears and Lego Lord of the Rings, Played through Resi 5 as well.