Games you want to play, but never got around to playing

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Is there anything in your backlog perhaps you have never tried or just a game you never got around to buying and playing?

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Dead Island, RDR, L.A.Noire, Force Unleashed, inFamous, Wet, Bayonetta, Gears 2, Dead Space, Demon's Souls and Other M.

Haven't reached these great titles yet. Whittling my way through my collection, slowly. If I had the choice, I would drop everything and fire up Dead Space now. Sadly, I have self imposed restrictions as to what games I play and at what time. Still got some months before I reach any of these though.

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The Halo games are probably the main one... I played (and loved) Halo 1 and most of 2, but when I got a 360 I had a horrible experience with the whole RROD fiasco and got rid of it and bought a PS3, hence why I never continued the series. It's a shame because I really loved Halo 1 & 2.

I've thought about buying a 360 again so I can play them but it's probably not worth it just for that.

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I've been thinking that I should play Fatal Frame 1, 2 and 3 for the past 10 years or so. I actually own them and played quite a bit of #1, but for some reason I just never get around to give it another go.

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Splinter Cell: Conviction and Alan Wake.Why? 'Cause I don't have an XBOX360 nor a decent PC.

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Only Bayonetta and FF13 /13-2, But I have a lot games that I've played but still should complete (Alan Wake, Castlevania: LOS, Dragons Dogma, Metro 2033, Red Dead Redemption, Mirrors Edge, Dishonored, Saints Row: 3/4, The Witcher)

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Ni No kuni, Dragon age origins 1-2, Metal gear rising...Uncharted 1. I still need to buy them.

Recent games that just came out and I still need to get are beyond two souls and batman arkham origins.

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Dark Souls

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I no longer have a backlog. And I've tried all the games I've wanted to play. From here on out, I'm not building back logs, and I'm just going to get the games that interest me the most.

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For me it's the Zelda series, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Metroid series, Red Dead Redemption, Tales of Xillia, Final Fantasy 7,8,9, Rayman Origins and Legends, GTA IV & V, Metal Gear Solid 2,3,4 , Chrono Trigger, Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2, Killzone 2, Super Stardust Delta & Geometry Wars are the ones that come to my mind now

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

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@The_Last_Ride: With those selections you've missed out on some seriously quality gaming.

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@The_Last_Ride: With those selections you've missed out on some seriously quality gaming.

Yeah i know, i was in high school during the last gen and i finally got around buying games that i missed. I have missed out on two gens of Nintendo, so i will try to buy a Wii U when i have the time for it.

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Amnesia. I'm not any kind of PC gamer at all though, and the original game it seems, will never come to consoles. Which is too bad, I'd love to play it. Maybe in another few years or so as I just naturally buy a new PC or laptop because the old one broke, I'll finally have one powerful enough to play games like that. As is though, this thing I'm on now can't do much worthwhile gaming at all.

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The Assassin Creed series, the Disgaea series, Max Payne 3, Demon Souls, Dishonored, Far Cry 3, and the Oracle Zelda games

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@drekula2 said:

The Assassin Creed series, Far Cry 3

i recomend both of those games

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A bunch of PS3 exclusives, because I don't have a PS3.

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Splinter Cell: Conviction and Alan Wake.Why? 'Cause I don't have an XBOX360 nor a decent PC.

Alan Wake was my GOTY 2010. Such a fantastic experience.

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Red Dead Redemption, Final Fantasy X, Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 3, ICO.

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pretty much every ps3 exclusive. I have the console but I do not own any games for it. I've only used it for a media player since i got it for so cheap.

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All the Bioshock games. I played the first one, but never finished it. Also Assassins Creed 2, and probably 3. All Earthworm Jims (got pretty far in the first one) Donkey Kong Country Returns. Super Mario Galaxy. Heavy Rain. Beyond: Two Souls. Max Payne (all. I`ve beaten the first, but need to play through it again). and The Last of Us.

something like that

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Probably Infinity Blade 2 and 1, all the Final Fantasy games, and Pokemon YELLOW! and some zelda games i never got to finish

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For me, it's Bayonetta & Assassin's Creed series. Plus, there's alot of games I didn't mention that I really want to play as well. Every time I want to play AC series, other games get in the way.

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Final Fantasy X, Mass Effect 3

Have you played The first two Mass Effect games? You should really play the entire trilogy and FFX was the gem of the last console gen imho

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I haven't bought a WiiU yet. So a few of the games that are exclusive to that system like ZombiU, Super Luigi U, etc.

But if we're talking just about consoles that I already own, I need to play the Uncharted game for Vita. I downloaded it when it was on Instant Game Collection and haven't gotten around to trying it yet. Also I want to try the new Tomb Raider. Picked it up during the last Steam Sale and haven't actually played it yet. Other stuff keeps stealing my attention.

I may try the newest DmC one of these days. Not a huge fan of the series though, so there is no rush.

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Dark Souls and Condemned 2.

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L.A. Noire

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Half-Life 3.

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I have yet to open my copy of Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Uncharted 1 & 2...still gotta play Xenosaga 3...

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@drekula2 said:

The Assassin Creed series, Far Cry 3

i recomend both of those games

Far Cry 3 is real sweet.

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WOW that's a hard one, since I have ps+, im have to say 90% of the free games that has been offered since it launched. On the 360 I would say gears of war 2&3 and that's about it.

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@sukraj said:

@The_Last_Ride said:

@drekula2 said:

The Assassin Creed series, Far Cry 3

i recomend both of those games

Far Cry 3 is real sweet.

Hell yeah it is, if i had a shorter backlog, i would have explored everything in that game