Games you enjoy so much you play them in doses?

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Have you intentionally paced yourself when playing a game because you've appreciated it so much? If so, which titles spring to mind?

I just bought Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut on PSN a couple of days ago and it's an amazing game so far as I expected it to be. It's so refreshing to be pumped for a game and not be disappointed when you actually play it! I've literally re-done the opening tutorial level like 5 times already because it's such a sublime looking and sounding game [I want that OST] and the game-play is pretty solid too. It's admittedly simple so far, but sometimes simplicity is best and this game proves it. I could spend hours just flying around if they gave me an open-range mode with hoards of enemy ships to blow up =P Obtaining the medals will be the hard part as I've done all I can with my current ship [incl. the first upgrade in the game], but I'm still nowhere near the bronze achievement let alone platinum. I assume that's where the later mission upgrades will help so there's an element of re-playability too. The camera can get a bit disorientating at times, but it's just so cool that it doesn't matter. It's part of the appeal. I've gotten better at controlling the default ship with practice. I changed the controller set-up and now I'm getting much better at it. It kind of reminds me of Forsaken or Descent but in an open space setting. I suppose it's closer to Star Citizen or Strike Vector in that respect.

So yeah, which games have you played in doses because you don't want them to end too soon and you want to savour every bit of the experience?

Also, I'm now mega-hyped for No Man's Sky and Star Fox U! :)

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In recent memory, I would say SMB 3D Land for the 3DS. The game's level design was amazing and the music was great (especially for a portable). There were very few levels that I did not enjoy. I remember playing just a few levels a day to spread out the fun.

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@Star0: Typically I do this with Survival Horror games or stressful games with a strong narrative. TLoU was a good example, because I didn't want it to end. I'm just now getting around to Chapter 5 of The Walking Dead (not a survival horror game but just as harrowing as one).

By comparison, fun but ultimately underwhelming games (like Watch Dogs) I tend to power through.


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I use to, not anymore, I just replay the thing if I like it.

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Sim City 5. As its a nice pick up and play game.

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@Lulu_Lulu: Why's that? Do you find that work or school gets in the way?

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No... I only value one thing in a video game and thats game play, so I don't soak in all the texts and Audio Diaries and cutscenes.

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No. I got plenty of free time currently. I just don't hang around to soak in anything that isn't gameplay related. I do search every nook and cranny though, just to be sure.

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Im doing that with AC Black flag. Bought it day one and I play it once and a while every day or so.

Really good game. Im at 71 percent now with 35 hours logged.

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This summer I vowed to myself to only play quality games so I deleted all the rubbish games from my hard drive and as you said the thing about quality games is that you simply don't want them to be over or at least you don't want to rush through them.

Games currently installed on my PC that I play in doses are:

  • Gemini rue
  • Singularity
  • System Shock 2
  • Transistor
  • Thief: Deadly shadows
  • Guacamelee
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Gemini Rue - never heard of that, I'll check it out. Thanks @alim298

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I do this with The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption, Shadow of the Colossus, Metroid Prime, and any of my Legend of Zelda games. To a smaller extent, Sly Cooper as well.

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I thought you was going to say. I am 71 years old. hehe.

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Oh Hang On.... Theres one game and only one game that a deliberately played in 30 minute sessions. LA Noire.

I played it one case at a time (one case every 24 hours) because solving the mysteries was intellectually demanding and if I tried to do 2 cases in one session then my concentration drops. Its easy to fall off the wagon in that game.

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What about heavily story-driven games? Do you tend to play them regularly?

No... I only value one thing in a video game and thats game play, so I don't soak in all the texts and Audio Diaries and cutscenes.

Doesn't that all make games more immersive and richer experiences?

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Indeed it does, but immersion can easily be broken but the tiniest things. So I try not to focus on it.

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Yeah, I tend to do that with games that I enjoy that have a lot to do in them. The Fallouts and Skyrim and good examples. I generally played through those by putting a lot of hours into them in relatively short bursts of time. In both of those I did a lot of things before actually finishing the main story line. I'll do a bunch of side quests, usually saving better ones for later. I rarely play more than 1 main quest at a time in those games, unless I'm pretty much forced to.

In all, I think I tend to really take my time with any open world game. I tend not to blow through most of what there is to do in a short period of time with these games. I like the savor the open world, even by preventing myself from exploring new locations unless I've spent enough time in my current location. But with games that are more linear, I tend to just play right through them.

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I can't ration myself like that. If a game is great, I'm going to be compelled to go all in and take it back to my younger days and just playing until I either can't stand playing games for the rest of the day, which usually last like an hour and is really just my body saying it's hungry and then I go back until like 4am.

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@Senor_Kami: Au contraire for me. It's like a throwback to the NES days when a game is fun and challenging. It's just a habit I have to take my time. Maybe it's because NES games were so short. Hard games are also a rarity these days, at least for consoles. I like the look of various PC space sims, for instance...maybe I'll dip into master race territory soon o.O

@Lulu_Lulu Cool, cool. I can respect that. Would it be accurate to assume that you prefer, say, action games to RPGs?

@SoNin360 Yeah, I can relate to that. I tend to tackle open world games in an orderly, more structured fashion too because I don't want to miss anything. I'll be getting Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and I'm sure I'll go into my man-cave for those xD.

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YES, Thats very accurate. ;)

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The closest I can come to rationing is rationing content. If a game isn't crazy long for a single play, I'll skip over some content on my first play through so that there is some new story stuff to experience the second time around.

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I can point out a game I play in doses because it's pretty bad but I seriously want to like it: Swtor. Find myself going back to it once a year for about a month...I just really want a SW RPG or some lightsaber combat, but this is all there is. Eventually the craving just gets to the point where I give in and go back...but I usually quit before I ever finish the story because, well, the stories suck, except IA.

I feel like that's my rationale with playing most BioWare games...the genre is bare with everyone off making shitty MMOs and I have to play things like ME, DA, etc because there's very little else. So, it's like, I don't like these games very much, but I've played them quite a bit because there's just so few games of this type coming out.

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If I really dig a game then I usually just power through it (or you know play it in relatively short time span). Lately though I've found that I replay sections of Hotline Miami due to the Arcade type nature of the game.