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online games suck, their for more than one player and free to play with purchasable things but they only add few things, that sucks same for them mmos and all those games that are only online, you would think that they would add tons of things because theirs lots of players out their. about 16 to 25 purchasable things in a game, things like armor, magic, skills, weapons, summoning, pets, buildings that's a little bit of merchandise for about 500 plus players that doesn't sound right its a rip off i say. are we ever going to get an advanced online game with pages and pages of armor well armor does't need that much if you think about it all you need is clothing, light, medium and heavy, all with different styles or to be able to make your own style for some games like fantasy and other type. weapon, skills, magic skills, special ability's, pets, summoning spells, transformation spells, potions not just for healing and mana and things like none magic characters like archers and mele users this will be used as magic grenades cant forget about enchanting arrows and bows and the glorious daggers. hope soon maybe someone will save enough money and make an epic online game. make a future fantasy magic type like paladins and warriors in the future, enchanting guns and ammo and epic armor cool looking armor with wizards orcs and goblins the hole fantasy family cant forget about lizard men lol bye all love ya all fantasy rocks.