Games like Alice Madness Returns?

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Hello, I've just finished playing Alice the Madness returns. I often avoid these sort of games as i'm not a big shooter and not that interested in masses of weapons / spells / missiles / armour. However I found this just about right for me on easy level. The story was interesting and the graphics great. The experience has made me rethink my attitude towards action games (i'm usually a big adventurer ). With this in mind can anyone recommend any other 'action' games that have an interesting story, not too difficult enemies, not too many weapons, pretty graphics etc and fairly linear like Alice? Thanks Melissa
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Yes, play its predecessor, American McGee's Alice. Alice the Madness Returns was the sequel.

You will also need to install this mod - Madly Enhanced Pack, which improves the visuals and polishes the gameplay (including rebalanced weapons).

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Hello, YesI played that one also many years ago. :) Any other suggestions? I'm gettign AMR withdrawal symptoms ;-) Thanks Melissa
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If you haven't played it already, I would definitely recommend Psychonauts.