Games for a horrible,HORRIBLE, HORRENDOUSLY bad laptop

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I know there are probably other topics about this, but I could not find any in the scale for this big pile of wires.

So it's a Lenovo laptop with a weird, wonky resolution. This thing almost runs Fallout 1 with 40 to 50 fps, emulated Ocarina of Time plays with pretty much the same fps. Shadow Warrior Classic Redux lags alot and it's unplayable. Not sure what the fps is. It's my mother's laptop and I'm stuck with it for two to three weeks.

Specs are:
Intel Atom CPU N270 1.60 Ghz

Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family


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@instadrill: Well hopefully a miracle will happen and your mom gets a newer laptop.

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You're going to be looking mostly at 2D, turn based games of point and click adventures. Fortunately, there are quite a few:

Blackwell series
Gemini Rue
Most of the Broken Sword games
The earlier Monkey Island games (actually probably most any of the classic Lucasarts adventures, of which there were many).
Fallout 2 (obviously), although Fallout 1 doesn't run at 40-50 FPS on anything so I'm not sure where you are getting that number from. Fallout 1 is an only DOS-based game with 2D sprite animation. Hell, most of the death animations are like 15 frames -total- and they go so slow you can see each individual frame.

I've also had decent luck with the Telltale Sam and Max games on newer Atom CPU laptops, but I have no idea if they'll play on the laptop you are describing.

Lone Survivor and Home are both horror-themed side scrollers that play ok on lesser machines. Home is fairly short but Lone Survivor is pretty deep.

Other games that look like they -would- run may not. Games that I tried on Atom-based computers that do NOT play well include:

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes (turn based 2d strategy game)
The Walking Dead (simple 3d graphics but surprisingly demanding)


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Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

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Quake Live and Enemy Territory. ( Both free) run well on crappy laptop.( Speaking from experience of a person who has a laptop who can't run Counter Strike 1.6 A game that is a decade old)

Also Minesweeper.

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