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In the wake of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 launches, the divide between the different gamer camps is arguably wider than ever. In fact, ‘System Wars’ is dedicated to perpetuating that very rivalry right here on GameSpot. A few days ago I was reading some of the more heated debates and - feeling rather emotional at the time - decided to have a go at writing a small poem. The general aim of it was to promote the idea that whatever camp you might fall into, whether you’re a PC or console gamer, prefer FPS, RPGs or play online instead of offline, we are all just gamers. I felt a poem was the best way to make that point rather than writing an article about it that can be picked apart and spark off yet more rivalry.

So here it is - and remember this is freeform poetry, folks - which means it doesn’t rhyme or follow any set pattern and is intended to sound closer to natural speech.

Sometimes we almost meet

Crying for the same fair try

Power treading across shaken ground

Every loss for those who differ

Growth pained by our normality

Tracking forward without resolve

Breathing only to accept ideal

For an aged path of arrogance

Perchance we rob ourselves

Of chained ignorance and rule

To add voice to quiet abandon

And appease the wayward soul

Who was loudest does not falter

In a tried and tired age

Of we who are born

But broken by lines of perception

Illusion created by blindness

Failing their truthful pleading

For the return to a golden age

Never wavering from aim

Remembrance owed to the good

Sharing beauty in imagined form

Occupying this plain of one

Projecting all things brightly

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Uhm........ #SPEECHLESS :o

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Great! ... Imagine making it into a metal song.

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Thats more like it !

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Preach it! I could see it better as a slam poem. I would have doubled it up to make it have less lines but to each their own. Well done.

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Sorry, it's supposed to be split into six separate four line verses but for some reason GameSpot won't let me do that...

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It's a good almalgamtion of words that's it. It makes no sense as to the arguments on system wars. Would help if you didn't need a deploma in English to try and decipher it, I mean how's it suppose to help ease the the arguing if no one can understand it. It's pretentious.

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@ariabed: Okay.

Lines 1-4 are about the rivalry between the different consoles and the pointlessness of it.

Lines 5-8 are about the fact that the industry has become preoccupied with cashing in on that rivalry rather then focusing on creating innovative content.

Lines 9-12 reference the Xbox One policy changes and what can be achieved when the focus is brought back to gaming itself.

Lines 13-16 concern the shift away from stereotypical representations to something more equal within stories and character

Lines 17-20 is a plea to return to traditional outlooks on gaming where they were about having fun, not comparing who has the better system.

Lines 21-24 concludes that all games and gamers fundamentally strive for the same thing.

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@Starshine_M2A2: ok well thanx for breaking it down so a simple guy like me can understand it. I guess it's a pretty good poem.

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I just remembered why I don't like Poems or any Form of Artistic Expression in General....... theres no right or wrong.

I like right and wrong.

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Lines 17-20 is a plea to return to traditional outlooks on gaming where they were about having fun, not comparing who has the better system.

There was a time without console wars...? ;-P