Game like GTA or Saints Row

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I like to play games like GTA and saints row at my friends houses but my parents are really strict about games like that. They use commen sense media. so i am looking for a game like both of those. It needs to have Open world can do anything not REALLY inappropriate Kinda funny (like saints row) Thanks p.s. also has to be for PC
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Here's a list I found at

Bully is one that comes to mind. You basically pull pranks and stuff on kids and the game flies under the radar when it comes to the media senselessly bashing it.

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Try Mercenaries 2 World in Flames its a fun game and I thank you will love it

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Try farcry 3 or fable. there both open world and u can do whatever you want. GTA is sick and Saints Row 1 was the only good one. SR3 is a joke compared to SR1
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sleeping dogs is an awsome open world
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sleeping dogs is an awsome open world BigBangTheory_
But I heard that the game wasn't that long to beat. I want to get it, but I'm very hesitant.
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far cry 3

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  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Just Cause 2
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The only one that is close is True Crime. I guess Drv3r as well if you want to stretch but still only True Crime can be put with those two.