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Bubble Diamond free play beta today 6 Dec 2012 Offical Website: www.bubblediamond.com Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/BubbleDiamond Hi there! Today Id like to introduce you a new game named Bubble Diamond. I found it in Malaysian version. The game is in Chinese, just click: http://www.baoshi.com.my/main Bubble Diamond is a multiplayer game that is different from other casual arcade action games, and Ive just found Facebook fan page of Singapore. The English version: https://www.facebook.com/BubbleDiamond    I can say that its very interesting and awesome dash game Bubble Diamond is a unique PVP tile-matching casual web browser puzzle game. Pit your skills against opponents by performing multiple combos, use special skills and force your opponent to the edge! As I have been playing this game in Malaysian version, I would like to recommend you to join it. You will explode the brand new casual action game which has a lot of system, like, mining system, tower challenge and in-game events. Review Video Clip http://youtu.be/0YJtW1c09g8
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Looks fun
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Coming Soon.. 22 Nov 2012
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let's play today ^^ 6 dec 2012