Game awards be for release?.

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#1 Posted by skipper847 (3590 posts) -

How can games get awards be for there even release for EG. Bioshock Infinite.

Winner of 85 awards. Who gives these awards out as it can not be public votes as we not even played the game. No dout it will be good and all ready pre orded and payed for but why give awards out be for they even release it?.

#2 Posted by Lulekani (2151 posts) -
They demonstraight minor gameplay at a few Expos and conventions.
#3 Posted by The_Last_Ride (74207 posts) -
Journalists from magazines, sites, channels test several games, and give one game the award
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it's usually stuff like E3 awards where the games are compared with other incomplete games with the general understanding that the awards are based on perceived promise. keeping it vague with taglines like "winner of 198 awards!" allows the marketers to skirt around the awards being based off of demos (possibly hands off, no less).