Gabriel Knight REMAKE !!!

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Oh yeah baby !!!

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I saw this the other day and got really excited. We played the Sierra adventure games a lot as kids, but my parents never let us play Phantasmagoria or Gabriel Knight. I don't think I missed anything with Phantasmagoria, but Gabriel Knight has always looked great. I'm really excited to get a chance to play it.

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I'm conflicted....should I call Gabriel Knight: Sins of thhe Fathers the best adventure game of all time, or should I leave that spot for Monkey Island 2 or Grim Fandango?

Well, whatever, it's certainly up there.

It is great to hear that Jane Jensen is on board with the remake. Although if they're re-doing the dialogue and don't bring back Tim Curry and Mark Hamill...heads will roll!

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Planeforger beat me to it: Tim Curry and Mark Hamill simply must reprise their roles. It's not like they are expensive actors anymore, there's no excuse not to have them.

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One of the games I missed out on back in the day, I always heard good things about the series though.

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@FelipeInside said:

Oh yeah baby !!!

Great news i loved the original.

Buf if anyone likes Jane Jensen´s work they should check out Cognition, awesome Telltale-Gabe knight adventure game which Jane Jensen worked on that as well.

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This was one of my all time favorites back then. Man, this is going to bring back memories.

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Never played the first but I player Gabriel Knight the beast within and loved it. The story was very intriguing and immersive. The graphics of first one was a bit too oldschool for my liking but a remake can definitely change my mind. Hopefully they are able to keep the strong narrative.

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I 'd wanted to play it, but did not have a chance back then. Now, I'm waiting for the remake. = )

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Never played the first one, but I will try the remake ^-^