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i am so pissed at this game. last time it lasted about 5 minutes, before that not even 1 minute. froze 2-3 times before that. IN ONE DAY! i thought maybe it was the disc, cus it had a lot of fingerprints on it. that didn't work. i'm at the Manzanita Post, hunting for sasquatches. i hope i can get a good copy of this game because i really like it. maybe all copies are like this since i see a lot of other people with this problem. i don't have RDR so maybe that could be why? i don't know

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it might be the disc because mine works fine get it cleaned or complain to who you bought it from and get it cleaned for free.
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OMG. I 've been having the same problems. I just bought Dead Space 3 and it freezes on me just after the start. I exchanged the game for another...Freezes the same place again. What could it be. Then I found a wonderful link where It said that if I sign out from not being on the internet(go to set-up and disable via internet). I was scared and IT WORKED!!!!

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It could be a manufacture issue. Obviously not everything is perfect so if X amount of games are made, the chances that 2-5% will have issues is there. It could also be the PS3 itself. There are very few of us who still own the original PS3. To the original poster, do you have the fat version or the slim version? To the guy who commented about Dead Space 3 freezing at the exact same spot, does your PS3 cooling system begin to make a loud venting sound right before that part of the game? If so, it could be your PS3 can't handle the amount of information being processed at the time and crashes. Who knows? I hope you are able to complete DS3, GREAT GAME!