Forza 5 rewards. Receive 1-5 million credits right now.

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Four mil just like that. Sweet.

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It's only awesome because the fuckwits gave a real monetary value to the in-game currency with microtransactions to capitalize on their bullshit grind gameplay model.

Tell them just to fix the ingame economy never mind dishing out free tastes, they're becoming more and more like Zynga by the day.

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@S0lidSnake: Thank you for the heads up. This is great. :)

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How comes none of us knew about this? Even Areez didn't post this. Why hide this at all?

I could've used these last weekend when everything was half price. hell, I bet they wouldnt have gotten so much flack for micro transactions had they simply done this ingame.

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Nice one, got some credits myself. As others have said, its a shame they just did not automatically do this in game rather than forcing the rewards application but hey ho.

So what cars are people looking at getting with the reward credits?

Also, on an sort of related note, what car did you pick as first choice in the game? I went with the VW 2010 Golf, may have been a mistake online as man the acceleration compared to other cars (such as the Focus and Clio for sure, and many others it seems) is really quite poor (the car launches well and has a good top speed but its impossible to race sometimes as the other cars can just pull away out of corners a lot faster thus you are spending the straights trying to catch up and under breaking wont work because others can pull away quicker on the exits).

All that aside, I really am enjoying this game and hope all of you are as well.