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So I have been playing Eve Online off and on for about two and a half years now and I have come to enjoy any aspects of the game. I have not yet gotten out into Null sec space which to me seems like that is where all the really fun stuff happens. I am hoping other Eve players will see this post and we could get a good discussion going on here about the game.

I will pose these three questions for now and hopefully I will get a discussion going!

This is a two part question sorry: What are your favorite and least favorite things about eve, what do you do the most in eve?

If you could do anything in Eve that you currently cannot what would it be?

Are you excited about the upcoming (summer 2014) changes to the game?

I for one cannot wait for the T2 Venture to come out it seems like it will be fun to use. I hope we can get an ongoing discussion about the game here!

Fly safe my fellow eggheads o7!