For all you PC gamers out there.....

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Poll: For all you PC gamers out there..... (26 votes)

Yeah easily! 96%
On minimum requirements 0%
Nope! 4%

The system requirements for Wolfenstein The New Order are out. I wonder how many of us can actually play it on the PC. I can't unfortunately...

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Just so people don't have to go look for them

Bethesda has published the "necessary" system requirements for Wolfenstein: The New Order, and they're a bit hefty: you'll need an Intel Core i7 or equivalent AMD processor, the publisher says.

The rest of the required PC specs are far more modest, asking for a GeForce 460/Radeon 6850, 4GB RAM, a 64-bit installation of Windows 7 or 8, and 50GB hard drive space.

"If your PC matches these requirements, then you’re good to go!" says Bethesda. We've dropped Bethesda a line to see if they'll clarify whether the i7 requirement is a bare minimum, or just recommended.

Can your PC run it, then?

Bethesda also announced that the PS4 and Xbox One version of Wolfenstein: The New Order will require a minimum of 8GB of hard drive space, and 47GB for a total install. The PS3 version, meanwhile, takes up 17GB as a download and 8GB for the disc version, whereas the Xbox 360 version will require an 8GB install and will ship on four discs.

Wolfenstein: The New Order will be released on May 20.

But yep i can run it, its not that bad actually, at least its not going crazy like Watch Dogs which i suspect is kinda a attempt to quell the graphic debate.

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@MonsieurX: I guess my laptop sucks then... Then again it IS just a laptop lol.

Which game, if any, does your PC have trouble playing?

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@MonsieurX: I guess my laptop sucks then... Then again it IS just a laptop lol.

Which game, if any, does your PC have trouble playing?

None,so far.

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Something tells me an i7 is not the minimum requirement lol.

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My desktop PC as it is now is enough. My 14" laptop's screen res is 1366x768. The GTX 660m should be plenty as well.

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Yea, I don't believe that for a second. It sounds like they might have optimized around hyperthreading, which isn't a bad thing, but no doubt i3's and i5's should still be able to play this ok if the other components are up to snuff.

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I'm pretty sure I'll run this on Very High with my i5 and HD7950

I'll be surprised if I don't. Minimum being an i7 could mean anything.

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Easily for me.

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Yep, easily.

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Fake requirements to sell new CPUs , desktop market isn't doing well after all . Anyone who have been gaming on PC long enough knows that i7 with 460 doesn't make sense in minimum requirements .

So yeah , easily .

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ya i can play this easily... but probably won't since im kinda off shooters right now.

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Will wait for demo if there is one or the other kind of demo then delete it. 570 GTX, i5 3570, 8gb RAM.

Cant be fucked upgrading for another year or two and interest lies in PS4 exclusives ATM. Might just pick it up on PS4 if im struggling with it on PC.

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recommended, an i7 cpu...which is 5 YEARS OLD! using an engine which is designed for use with multithreaded cpus....why are people suprised by this....looking around the internet it is like people forgot that PC specs rise and PC's are is utterly moronic

i5's will run great i7's will run best....not exactly rocket science

And it only requires a 4 year old gfx card aswell....

So...a 5 year old cpu and a 4 year old Gfx card.....Yep those crazy crazy specs.

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i7 doesn't really mean shit by itself. new i5s are more than twice faster than old i7s, so what am i supposed to have here, huh?

voted easily. it can't mean new i7s. that would leave 99% of PC gamers out.