Flashback to the 1990's

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That what this game and graphics remind me of, the game world looks totally dead too. Heck, there are internet based free games that look better than this, comon devs get you head of the sand!

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You obviously didn't play too many videogames in the 90's then.

Starcraft came out in '98

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The 90's.. especially late 90's were the pinnacle of PC Gaming and RTS Games.. C&C Red Alert, Warcraft 2, Star Craft etc. We had the most amazing games come out back then.. games I still play every so often even now. (DOSBox is great!).
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The 90's as a whole were the pinnacle of PC gaming. Originality, intelllgent games rather than the platform after platform console games. While console gamers had Mario, PC gamers had Ultima VII and F15-Strike Eagle, and Railroad Tycoon, and Civilization and Wing Commander and Warcraft, and on and on in every genre, and let's not forget the Lucasart and Sierra adventures and the incredibly detailed flight simulation like Falcon!


It's no conincidence that if you played PC games in the 90's you probably had 10 times he chance of working in the I.T industry than if you had spent all you time playing those platform console games!