FIRST IMPRESSIONS I- Splinter Cell: Blacklist/Halo 4

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hey its E3Abe09, the first game Splinter Cell i was pretty amazed by it because, I've never played any of the other games but this one stood out to me like this is another kind of FPS, how her slowed down time to kill 3 people in like 5 secs was pretty cool presentation, plus the story sounds like its interesting how the protagonist, Sam Fisher, has to go after people on the Blacklist. The best part is how he got to the terrorist guy like took out 6 guys and one in a turret, that is some skill by the guy who was playing the demo.

Halo 4- Now this was microsofts big hitter, no matter what it had to, and will look good in front of the E3 fans, i mean the fan base for halo is increadible even the 343 took over bungie for halo 4 i think that they might even do a better job than bungie, but i mean i could be wrong too, anyways the presentation was sick from the beginning how they started on a ship and it crashed because of some orange thing (which i want to find more about), as the ship makes it way downfrom space to the planet they fly over this cliff where Master Chief was just waiting to help as the ship crash landed, thena big alien the shape of a ball scans the area then flies to the crashing ship, Chief soon follows the both of the ships and encounters and group of intersting enemies and cool guns i cant wait till november!

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I've never owned a Splinter Cell game, and i've heard a lot of complaints on how Blacklist isn't really true to the franchise, but I was really impressed by the E3 demo. The movement looks to be a lot smoother than other games on the market, and the fine blend of stealth and all out action has left me wanting to pick this up on release.