First console game you bought

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#51 Posted by NiKva (8180 posts) -
I don't remember. We've had videogames in our house since before I was born, so I inherited all of my first games.
#52 Posted by dbz987 (3722 posts) -

SNES with Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country

#53 Posted by spike6958 (5042 posts) -

The first system I ever owned was SEGA Megadrive, with Sonic the Hedgehog.

The first system I bought myself was a Nintendo GameCube, with Luigi's Mansion.

#54 Posted by BigBen11111 (1528 posts) -

I've got so many games that I don't remember which was it. But I'm lucky enough to remember my first beaten game: Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers 1 for the NES.

#55 Posted by despa1r_fact0r (24609 posts) -

Parasite Eve (PS1)

#56 Posted by WWE6427 (259 posts) -

I can't remember.

#57 Posted by lazyhoboguy (1679 posts) -

Wcw/Nwo Revenge on the Nintendo 64. My brother and I split the cost of the game and bought it because we wanted to play it so bad even though we had a tiny problem of not actually owning a n64 yet. Our parents got our oh so subtle hint though and got us a n64 for christmas.

#58 Posted by godzillavskong (7899 posts) -
My parents bought most of my games for me, up until I got my Saturn. I really don't remember which game I purchased for it first, I think it may have been either RE or Panzer Dragoon Zwei.
#59 Posted by Emerald_Warrior (6581 posts) -

Parasite Eve (PS1)


That's a pretty complicated game to start out on.

#60 Posted by godzillavskong (7899 posts) -
Kinda off topic, ,but the first system and game I purchased for my kids was the Gamecube and SSBM. They were only 6 and have been hooked ever since. My wife tells me I created demons! lol
#61 Posted by WillisTron1 (71 posts) -

Sadly it was this monstrosity;


...I wasn't well educated on what constituted a good game back then.

#62 Posted by TrainerCeleste (1633 posts) -
the first game that was truly my own, was Pokemon Red Version for the Game Boy Color :P And to this day I still play pokemon happily as an adult :3
#63 Posted by RossRichard (2452 posts) -

Believe it was this, saved up quite a while for it:


#64 Posted by Allicrombie (25514 posts) -
my own money? probably Contra or Simon's Quest.
#65 Posted by Devil-Itachi (4380 posts) -
The first game that I bought was Kolibri for the 32x. Though never had a 32x it was my brothers so it ended up to be his in the end. Not much thoughts on it because I only played it around the time of the purchase, do remember thinking the visuals were gorgeous. Believe my brother still has it but he does like to sell things so maybe not.
#66 Posted by Justinps2hero (2186 posts) -
Sonic the Hedgehog 2, £44.99, wowsers thats like £200 with adjusted inflation!!!!!
#67 Posted by superclocked (5863 posts) -
With my own money? I don't remember really. It was definitely one of my NES games though...
#68 Posted by ezikiel2517 (114 posts) -

Excluding of course Super Mario Bros., it would be Kung Fu. Bought it with my papar route money in the summer of 88.............memories :cry: lol

#70 Posted by Kendog87 (1111 posts) -

I can't remember the first game i brought it would of had to been on the playstation but for the life of me i can't remember what it would of been.

I do remember when FFX-2 first came out i rode the train by myself for 2hrs to pick this game up.