Firefly Online still exists

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Today I just discovered that Firefly Online still exists and that it's still underdevelopment. For moment, I thought I was getting trolled as I thought it got canned after a little while it was announced. But nope, it's still alive and well. The game is being developed by Quantum Mechanix and Spark Plug Games and being published by 20th Century Fox. is the main site for this game and it still gets constant updates. There has been short gameplay videos released recently, please look below:

Concept Art

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A Cinematic video of the Serenity landing

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Firefly Online Play Test (Actual Gameplay)

Even if the game will available on OS and Android devices (Don't worry, it's being made for the PC & Mac, it's just porting over to the phones), I am still worried about this game. They have stated that the game will come out this Summer for 2014, yet we haven't heard a single piece of official news or seen actual gameplay. Most PR plans go back all the way to a one to two whole years before the actual game release. But of course, they haven't been smacking hard at that at all. With the game purposely releasing so soon, you think they do more giving the world a head ups. Maybe it will be fully reveal at E3, but then saying your game will come out a month/year later will hurt this title a lot. I just don't know anymore.

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