Final Fantasy XXIV A Realm Reborn

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Hi all. I've been curious as to why there is no review of this game yet. I am playing and have been from the early start in August 2013. I love the game. It's so nice to have a new MMORPG to play. Me and my son were running from game to game trying to find something that we enjoyed playing and this is it. At first we had the login issues as most being on U.S servers, we promptly switched to Japan servers and have been there ever since getting in lots of playtime. A little login issues here and there, but have worked my conjurer up to almost level 28, and have done tons of crafting, dungeons, quests. It's a beautiful world. For me and my son, we are not much for PVP, but if you are Age of Wushu was really a pretty interesting game, well since we were really desperate, we even tried it. lol