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#1 Posted by MrGamerOFCourse (171 posts) -

I brought final fantasy x off my mate like a day ago, starting playing it today absoultly love it.


i have played it before got pretty fair as well got all the way up to yunalesca and couldnt beat the last form and dont have the saved data which is quite annoying but i get to play through the whole game again :)

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#2 Posted by MLBknights58 (5015 posts) -

While I am indeed very happy for you mate, it's a great game... but there's not much for us to discuss here is there? Congrats anyways.

#3 Posted by MrGamerOFCourse (171 posts) -

Cheers mate and yeah there is how did you defeat yunalesca?

#4 Posted by MLBknights58 (5015 posts) -

I assume you mean her final form, yes?

Well I kept 2 party members zombified to protect against Mega-Death, with one not zombied for.. some reason?  Can't remember.  But yeah Mega-death is the only real threat she's got, just keep one or two guys zombied, cure them before they get too low HP, and let them get zombified again before Mega-death happens in her attack cycle.  She's actually really simple once you recognize her attack pattern.  Just utilize everyone of your party members in some way or another if you're desperate, and realize that she will 100% counter attack you which also dispels any buffs.

Other than that, Holy wrecks her pretty bad too, if you have it at that point.  A battle of attrition really.

#5 Posted by MrGamerOFCourse (171 posts) -

ohhh ok mate cheers yeah do you know where i get holy from like on the sphere grid?

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#6 Posted by MLBknights58 (5015 posts) -

It's towards the end of Yuna's sphere grid, past Curaga and before Full-Life.

#7 Posted by MrGamerOFCourse (171 posts) -

ohh ok cool :) cheers mate any more tips?

#8 Posted by MLBknights58 (5015 posts) -

I'd prefer it if I kept my help to a minimum, as I believe you will be able to perservere and figure things out at your own, which is all part of the fun of gaming.  Just sit back and enjoy mate.

#9 Posted by MrGamerOFCourse (171 posts) -

cool mate cheers