FF7 - The Final Sephiroth battle - Tips / hints / please

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Hi all,

I've just put the final disc of FF7 in the psone and it looks like i'm headed for the final showdown with Sephiroth.

I'm looking for some good ideas / tips / and support ( not cheats ) to get me through.

I understand it to be a long battle with no save points so i will need as much help as possible.

When is it best to use my save point that i've been given?

Any specific materia i need to equip?

Which characters are best for the fight?


I'll be sad to finish the game but am looking forward to the big showdown with real excitement.

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Just cast Knights of the Round and watch the credits. It's a summon materia you get at the end of the Chocobo breeding mini game, when you get a Golden Chocobo. Check out GameFAQs for more info.
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It's been so long since i played to the end of Final Fantasy VII. What I can tell you is that the end fight is cake. I have never had an easier final boss battle in an RPG. I was a bit disappointed because of it, but oh well. Seriously, I beat it on my first try as I had my characters maxed out. Now, if you want a challenge in beating an RPG, take up Final Fantasy VIII next. I was stuck on the end boss battle there for 6 months (literally) until I finally beat her. That was a satisfying win!
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Final fantasy 7's end boss is easy. Just jump in and have at it and you'll probably win. I guess you should keep a megalixir or two ready for the supernova attack but other than that you wont need any help.
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FFVIII is super easy, first time beating the game and I only died once! and it sure as hell wasnt on the sephy battle. Easiest end boss ever. Btw i used cid,cloud and barret all with ultima weapons to maximum damage, some hp plus materia leveled up so there health is 9999 and thats all i really needed. 9999 damage and 9999 health
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lol, if you cant get past sephiroth, then you must have steered WAY clear of the weapons...
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