FC3 - I became a Rakyat warrior to the end

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So I finished this game. It was a great game. Not sure if I have the desire to play it again or free roam like I do in red dead redemption. One of the most interesting things about the game for me was that I chose, wich goes against all my ideas of how I normally play games, to stick with the main characters anger and transformation and chose to succumb to the way of the Rakyat 100%. It was a pleasant eyeful for a few seconds before my final destination ;D.

But what interested me is that the choice I made is never something I do even in a video game. Yet, I did and couldn't resist. I am guessing that I got into the game too much, and was feeling his anger. still though, i think the 'good ending' should have ended with a sex scene with his girl friend in some city in some apartment. then possibly fast forward to showing them raising children. :D ima strange. I know it.