Favorite PS3 Game 12 Year Old Boy

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I need to pick up a PS3 game for my nephew. He's getting a new PS3 console for his Birthday. He does not like Burnout Paradise or War Games. I'm not sure if he's in to racing games. He had no interest in my BO Paradise. Are there any Fantasy games for 12 year olds that they MUST have right now!? :!

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folklore ?
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Ratchet and Clank: Tools Of Destruction

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To obtain more answers, you may want to ask this in the dedicated Game reccomendation thread.

A personal though: there isn't much in terms of kid friendly games on the PS3. If that is the problem, I'd consider a Wii instead.

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Ratchet And Clank: Tools of Destruction would be a good choice for a young'n. Maybe Hot Shots Golf 5.
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