favorite gun type?

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so there is of course often a bounty of different weapons in the typical fps. my question to you is, what is your favorite type of gun? Assault rifles are excluded because those are standard issue. Mine has to be the submachine gun, just because they're typically cool looking and often work very well.

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im assuming you mean modern waponry or can it be like out of the oddworld selection or ratchet and clank? if so i have a soft spot for shot guns, i feel they need more....finnesse to use as you have to outflank your enemy and move in close since alot of people use assault rifles know what i mean? i never get a crazy kd/r but it makes it fun

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I love sniper rifles. The enemy is dead before anyone realizes what just happened.
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Sniper rifles in any game. Even if it's not 1 shot.

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I like pistols. Wish there was a game where you could make it your main gun rather than having to press the god-forsaken Y/Triangle button.
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Guns with "Laptop" in their title.

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http://www.youtube.com/user/Gaming4Trolls check out this youtube channel for awesome gun play and gameplays!
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I was going to say Assaul Rifles, but if they are excluded then its a tougher choice.

I do love the distance and joy of using a powerful sniper rifle, or the heavy firepower with an LMG that lets me mow down the opposition, the submachine gun that has always been my best friend in stealth and close quarters environments, and of course the noble shotgun can blast away foes easily and without much effortat close range.

But I'll go with the handgun, the underdog of guns. Its small and compact and can be a wild card. When out of ammo, switch to one of those online and with a dead eye you can take down anyone looking to take advantage of your situation when out of ammo. Its always been my friend when things got tough and I was lying on my back waiting to die or get helped up, and it takes a little more skill to use then other weapons but still has a satisfying pay off and can easily take out better equipped enemies in a game of Battlefield 3 or Call of Duty. I also love the amount of different choices, from the magnum to the auto pistol, to a sawn off sidearm.

So yeah, the handgun.

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I think I'll go with the light machine gun, although it really depends on the game. The light machine gun allows you to function both in a supporting role and pushing the frontline. I especially like scoped machine guns. It's like full-automatic sniping.

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For the casual encounters il go with Magnums, i like getting personal with high calibre handcannons. And for a flatout war I'l go with an assualt sniper rifle with explosive rounds. I think il name it Samantha.
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i also try and play the sniper role...so that
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Im a fan of the dbl shotty.

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Im a fan of the dbl shotty.

also like the M4A1 from CS 1.6 and any sniper.
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Crossbows are definitely one of my favourite weapons, when available. The crossbows in No One Lives Forever 2 and Half-Life 2 were really good implementations of this weapon type.

The harpoon gun from The Operative: No One Lives Forever was also a great weapon, and one of the first that allowed you to pin enemies to walls - long before Monolith revived the ability with F.E.A.R.'s bolt gun.

The gravity gun from Half-Life 2 was such an innovative idea for a weapon, and great fun to use throughout the game.

The silenced sten gun in Return To Castle Wolfenstein was one of the better implementations of that weapon type, and was my weapon of choice in most standard combat situations. The cool-off period due to overheating made its use much more tactical.

The B.A.R. was one of my favourite weapons in Call Of Duty and it's expansion United Offensive. Good accuracy at range, ability to switch between single shot and auto, great power, and deadly up close. The Kar-98 rifle was also great in those games.

The nail gun from Quake (and it's variants in the expansions) were a breath of fresh air at the time, and pretty deadly.

Another relatively unique weapon that sticks in my mind is the Painkiller, from the game of the same name.

The Flak Canon, Bio Rifle, Razorjack and ASMD (Artificial Shocker Magnetic Destroyer) from the original Unreal always stuck in my mind as great weapon designs, and they saw a lot of use while I was playing that game. I tend to go for the more unusual weapons over the traditional line-ups.

But one of the most iconic FPS weapons has to be the shotgun from the original DOOM, which just had such a satisfying sound, and was a pleasure to use against Imps and Pinkies.


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I've always been about Assault Rifles and Snipes. Can never go wrong there.
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I'd go with the Assault Rifle. More Specifcally SCAR-H in Battefield or the FAMAS

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Sniper rifles is the gun type which i prefers the most in shooting games...