Favorite FPS TItles?

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#51 Posted by ALG_82 (26 posts) -

Some of my favorite FPS, some old some new:

1. Doom 1, 2, final, and 3

2. Rise of the Triad: Dark War

3. Rage

4. The Darkness

5. Bioshock

6. Half Life 2 (and episodes 1 and 2)

7. Wolfenstein 3D

8. Condemned: Criminal Origins

9. Fallout 3 (I know this is more of an RPG but still, it rocks)

10. Duke Nukem 3D

#52 Posted by Altair6661 (31 posts) -

Black for PS2 is an amazing game. I started to like FPS games after playing that. Wasn't a big fan before. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series is pretty fun to play, the story could have been much better, but the gameplay is really good. I also like TimeShift, the idea of merging Time controling powers and shooting is really fun for me, Vats in Fallout 3 was a nice touch, but I liked this more.

#53 Posted by Faithbringer (103 posts) -

Let's see this are my top V (not in a preference order):

Quake I

Wolfenstein 3D

Far Cry I


Unreal Tournament 2004

#54 Posted by nintendoboy16 (26493 posts) -

Goldeneye 007 (N64 and Wii)

Perfect Dark (N64)

TimeSplitters 2 (GameCube)

Borderlands (PC)

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (PC)

Call of Duty 4 (Wii)

#55 Posted by HugoStiglitz03 (15 posts) -
First is Call of duty mw2, just because it has the mini-Uzi and the intervention sniper rifle. 2nd is probably half-life 2 and then maybe halo. Black ops is good only for zombies
#56 Posted by cg170 (1 posts) -
Half-Life 2 Black Serious Sam 3 Necrovision 1 / LC Tron 2.0 Stalker COP Metro 2033 E.Y.E. Digital Cybermancy Deus Ex System Shock 2 Fear series Killzone series Halo series Bioshock 1 L4D2 -HL2 is a masterpiece of design. Black is intense. Necrovision is fast and unrelentingly furious - What modern FPS lacks - they substitute tech and plodding story for balls to the wall gameplay.! - Very flawed, extremely fun. Same goes for SS3. Tron 2.0 Great skill menu system, one of the most addictive just for that feature. Stalker COP, I love them all. This one is the most polished. Metro 2033, I played this game twice in a row. I enjoyed the real feel of survival imbued down to the weapon design. E.Y.E. Another strange yet extremely interesting game similar to Deus. The rest are well known and fantastic games.
#57 Posted by Scholar_Of_Time (52 posts) -

Well...there's Jedi Academy if that counts as an FPS (since it technically is)...I SPEAK LIKE THIS ALL THE TI-then there's the 3rd Doom which was worth the experience IIRC. But I recently finished E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy...

#58 Posted by MonkeySpot (6070 posts) -

Anything from iD Software, or Valve (DOOM, Wolf, Hexen, Half-Life 1&2), Obviously.


No One Lives Forever

Call of C'Thulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

TRIBES: Aerial Assault

Darkwatch (love the art style)

Painkiller: Hell Wars

Deus Ex

Metroid Prime

CoD2: Big Red One

Cold Winter

The list goes on and on.


#59 Posted by Frieza99 (232 posts) -
SP halo 1 half-life MP counter-strike 1.6
#60 Posted by sfGiantsfan85 (33 posts) -
1. doom 2 2. Wolfenstein 3d 3. half life 2
#61 Posted by Coco_pierrot (256 posts) -

I really liked Castle Wolfenstein, DOOM (the 2 first one), GoldenEye 64, Unreal Tournement serie ( yes even the 3rd one at the start of this gen ), Halo 3 ( hate the others) KillZone 2 and 3, and finally I'm really impress by Bioshock Infinite.

#62 Posted by Shad0wg00n (19 posts) -

Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Counter-Strike (haven't played GO yet but I'm sure it will be amazing.