favorite action/adventure rpg's? why are good ones hard to find?

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#1 Posted by JamesWeedy (2 posts) -
What action-rpg's or adventure rpg's have you enjoyed most? My own list would include Diablo II, Secret of Mana, maybe the Elder Scrolls...I get bored with dungeon crawlers being too repetitive (Fate/Torchlight), and I like a nice mix of action and character/story. I haven't found a great one in 10 years though. Arcuz came close, but the sequel is terrible. So is it just me, or are there almost no great true action-rpgs?
#2 Posted by Rycorinator (6 posts) -
Aye, got to follow you on this one, the dungeon crawling of Torchlight annoyed me...certainly when you discovered its well... endless >.> And the Elder Scrolls...well.. They were good, but I couldnt play them in long sessions, they bored me too much. If you're looking for some, I'd say look into old games, they aint makin' much good of that genre nowadays... You could always try Dungeon Siege, 's quite good