favorite action adventure game?

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#1 Posted by Srenjy (306 posts) -
so whats yours??
#3 Posted by novelton111 (33 posts) -
I have lots of favorite action games such as Red alert Diabo3 project IGI.
#4 Posted by MonkeySpot (6070 posts) -

I have lots of favorite action games such as Red alert Diabo3 project IGI.novelton111

"Darkan: THe Ancients' Gates", and "Beyond Good & Evil".

#5 Posted by maxtronz (17 posts) -
Darksiders 1 and 2 - really fun and I also like the graphics style
#8 Posted by solidus2_1 (39 posts) -

Zelda and the Orcarina of Time

#9 Posted by Oyeboy94 (362 posts) -

Okami and Twilight Princess. Tied.

#10 Posted by hangman000 (24 posts) -

Assassin's Creed and uncharted etc.

#11 Posted by TheBlackKnight3 (1586 posts) -

Banjo Kazooie

Whole Zelda series

#12 Posted by Salanderr (35 posts) -

It's hard to go past Uncharted when it comes to action/adventure.

#13 Posted by Lulekani (2216 posts) -
Batman Arkham Asylum. Being a predator is fun !
#14 Posted by bdtaka (2 posts) -
ok so i am using my PS3 on a 32" TV and its very hard after awhile to pay attention to it all because it is kinda big and i am very close to it, if i were to want to hook my PS3 up to my moniter what should i do? HDMI to DVI?
#16 Posted by JordenMark (3 posts) -
Beyond Good & Evil is pretty good. What you say guys??? http://www.iphonegamedevelopmentsindia.com/
#17 Posted by Dexter-010 (533 posts) -
Batman: Arkham Asylum FTW!
#18 Posted by ericlewis107 (5 posts) -

My favorite is Darksiders. It's such a great action game.

#19 Posted by danielduke86 (1 posts) -
My all time favorite games are Crysis, splinter cell, gears of war http://www.ctmhe.com
#20 Posted by BuzzBangla (7 posts) -

crysis, prince of persia.

#21 Posted by blackjoann (35 posts) -

Assassin's Creed 3 and Far cry 3

#22 Posted by Walternatif (10 posts) -
DMC Series
#23 Posted by knixxx (59 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption

#24 Posted by SusanGray (1 posts) -
All time my favorite game is prince of persia. Thanks, http://www.gamecubix.com/iphone-game.html
#25 Posted by programmerr47 (26 posts) -
#26 Posted by lewisjenny (1 posts) -
I installed 'Defend the bunker' on my mobile, I enjoyed playing this action stuffed game. You can play it at any time, any where. This is a superb time pass. And we all know that entertainment is necessary in life to kick out frustration and tiredness. So visit the following link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appon.defendthebunker
#27 Posted by Ryu_Katamari (28 posts) -
My altime favorite game is Metal Gear Solid, and I love all the sequals from it as well. I'm looking at my game shelf and I see no game that rivals. Also love Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption, Vice City, Zone of the Enders...
#28 Posted by Ryu_Katamari (28 posts) -
I lied, Catherine was an amazing game, one of my favorites. Idk if u'd classify it as an action-adventure, its just as much a puzzle game, but wat a work of art this is.
#30 Posted by mark552495786 (78 posts) -
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in many respects it is easier to approach Modern Warfare 3's yearly updates as you would an annualised sports game: this is very much refinement rather than revolution, and increment over innovation. The most noticeable change this year is that the iconic Killstreak system has been revamped and rebranded as the Strike Package, and this ultimately subtle change arrives with all the pomp and self-jubilation of one of FIFA or Madden's bold back-of-the-box boasts.
#31 Posted by locus-solus (551 posts) -
okami god of war 2 red dead redemption
#32 Posted by turtlethetaffer (16843 posts) -

Majora's Mask, al time fav game and I'd say it qualifies as an Action/ Adventure.

#33 Posted by indramifta (1 posts) -
Medieval empire i guest..join me guys to become officer http://medievalempire.net/recruit.php?uniqid=pu1369328790
#34 Posted by wkp63 (14 posts) -
Zelda and the Orcarina of Time
#35 Posted by IndiaFoodTour (2 posts) -
Batman Arkham Asylum was the best game in recent memory. Controls were a bit difficult but the gameplay, story, graphics etc were swesome
#36 Posted by Taboolah1996 (4 posts) -
games iv played and finished since feb 2013, True Gamer xD : http://i1280.photobucket.com/albums/a489/Taboolah/IMG_4869_zpsdbc566af.jpg
#37 Posted by adamperez2 (4 posts) -

Used to be Crysis, but Far Cry 3 stole its spot. They're both absolutely gorgeous on my PC! I love their gameply to death!

#40 Posted by adamperez2 (4 posts) -

games iv played and finished since feb 2013, True Gamer xD : http://i1280.photobucket.com/albums/a489/Taboolah/IMG_4869_zpsdbc566af.jpgTaboolah1996

Oh man! I remember turning on the TresFX Hair on Tomb Raider for PC and it would just DEMOLISH your framerate! 

#41 Posted by sukraj (23243 posts) -

Metro last light

far cry 3

#42 Posted by emvv (22 posts) -

Action adventure is such a broad genre it covers like 40% of the games out there.  uncharted's damn near perfect.  I love love love the devil may cry series which is debatably a fighting game but usually listed as AA. 

#43 Posted by Davidwilliam06 (126 posts) -
Really glad you are asking this question and getting folks to share their views on the numerous titles released out there. My favourite action game would surely be Ninja Barbecue Party. Ive never thought a slicer game could get so fun and entertaining. It was also really addictive and I spend hours on it, trying to beat the leader board.
#44 Posted by TheLastGamer122 (37 posts) -
Umm, The Last Story.... (I think that is an RPG) Bioshock Infnite or Super Mario Galaxy. Just in case you dont consider Bioshock Infnite a Action Adventure
#45 Posted by Davidwilliam06 (126 posts) -
#46 Posted by Clifford86 (3 posts) -
Diabo3 is my favorite action adventure game.
#47 Posted by EAssassin (0 posts) -

just Assassin's Creed series ... looooooooooove them :)

#48 Posted by pirate1802 (0 posts) -
Assassins Creed 2 and the new TR.
#49 Posted by EAssassin (0 posts) -

yeeeeeah !! i'm playing AC2 again after a long time :D

#50 Posted by midway_nights (575 posts) -

Of all time???


Gta:san andreas.

It was a tough decision to make after all those years but even gta v can't take that spot. It was a true masterpiece that comes once every twenty years, I was blown away when I saw the sheer amount gameplay and fantastic characters and absolutely amazing and unforgettable story of carl johnson.