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Would anyone be interested in a HD edition of Fable The Lost Chapters? Now I'm not talking about your typical HD filter nonsense but rather replacing the lower rez textures with HD ones, adding more quests/items/weapons etc.

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Give it a few more years and maybe. Theres no need to rush onto a HD remake yet, especially with fable the journey still being in development.
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there is no reason to buy another fable game after fable 2.
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OMG yes! Finally, someone who gets it! If they did this with the HD graphics, with more quests, a way longer story line along with the TLC story line, a lot more weapons, customization featureslike creating your own character,more responsive and realistic AI,a boat that takes you to other lands, such as Whisper's and Thunder's homeland and even more. Then I would so buy this game too. I would also love to see real effects done by your spells. An example of what I mean, Fable 2 wasn't that good, it was okay, but I did love how you could use your lightening on an enemy and you physically saw their skeleton. We need effects like that in this new Fable game.

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Depends on the price. 20 or 30 and I might pick it up liked 1 and 2 and now the series is dead I mean the next is a kinect game, that's desperate. Yeah an HD game would be cool maybe adding some new features to it like the coop and new quests/weapons all that stuff would be a plus.