Expectations with major AAA games (thoughts)

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Thought I'd repost this from my profile at the escapist. Can't stop dwelling on it for some reason.

I thought about pulling a quote from a blunt, honest open moment from Kevin Hart's "Seriously Funny" stand up special where he's discussing 'men' and 'women' and switch the nouns strictly to 'games' and 'gamers'. Almost sounds like a game personified.

Not entirely true but to some degree it kinda fits. This post ain't coming at anybody, I know there are important demands the industry should meet with its customers with pricing, play quality, content they could recognize more. But its just a test to see how this works in a different context,

(Games) are not perfect. We know we're not perfect.

See the reason why (games) are not perfect (gamers) you have a little to do with that. *pause* You put (games) on too high of a pedestal. Whatever pedestal you have us on, take us off.

It's too high. We'll never meet all your expectations. *reassuringly* Take us off.

I'm serious. Here's the thing about 'games'. Once you realize 'games' do dumb shit. 'games' can be dumb sometimes. Games are gonna fuck up. That's in our (mechanical) nature as games. Once you realize that, we'll get along so much better.

I can't help but reference that quote in my head, when we the gaming community at times, have gotten a bit too disgusted over actually decent titles that failed to 'shock and awe' the world.