Eternal Darkness 2 cancelled for good as Silicon Knights prepares to shut down

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Despite the Cthulhu Mythos being copyright-free, we are surprisingly not swimming in Mythos-based videogames or movies, in fact we only have a couple old games (CoC: Dark Corners of the Earth and Eternal Darkness) and a pair of extremely low budget movies. This is why news like the one this thread reports are especially bad. In March 2012, canadian developer Silicon Knights announced they were starting production of a sequel in their most requested franchise, which everyone agreed was Eternal Darkness. Unfortunately, as the studio prepares to close shop for good (most of the employees have been let go and the remaining few are about to) the project has ben canned, along with not one, but two sequels to the disastrous Too Human, no doubt the main reason of the studio's financial debacle.

The last hope at this point is for someone else to pick up the rights to Eternal Darkness and continue where SK left off, maybe Bethesda, considering they already made one Cthulhu game in the past, or maybe Nintendo, since Eternal Darkness has been one of the most iconicGamecube exclusives, though I'm not sure how good it will do to have the game come out on the Wii U, considering by then the PS4 and X720 would have been out for at least acouple years.

One more promising horror franchise goes six feet under, just in case Resident Evil wasn't enough.

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It's not the ED games that I remember, but they did develop the first Legacy Of Kain for PSOne. I'll never forget that gem! :)

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Sadness :(

I'll always remember panicking over what looked like a broken Gamecube only for the screen in question to be revealed as another mind trick. Deliciously evil.

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I think Nintendo owns part of the Eternal Darkness IP and they kept renewing the IP.

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Eternal Darkness was a commercial failure, why would any sane developer pick it up when they could just as easily make their own game based on the Cthulu mythos? Also, there's no reason to believe that under SK Eternal Darkness 2 would have been a decent game. Dennis Dyack has done nothing but crank out sewage and attack people who pointed out that sad fact since he and Nintendo parted ways. MILD SPOILER ALERT for the rest of the post Not that Dyack and Nintendo were all that good together (the pre-Nintendo Legend of Kain is the best game Silicon Knights developed). Eternal Darkness boasted a superb story and some fun insanity effects, but all tension and challenge were removed from the game once one acquired magic (the meter refilled over time and magic could pull off most anything, so it was too easy to use it to heal and take out enemies) and edged weapons (decapitating non-boss enemies was laughably easy). For a challenge (and to see the insanity effects) I didn't use magic and avoided attacking enemies' heads, but the game should not have shipped in such a state. I'm glad I played it (I'll never forget the shocking end of the monk), but it wasn't so enjoyable I've been waiting around for a sequel or would pay full price for a sequel if it were to happen.
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That's some sad news. Not because of Eternal Darkness 2 but because I actually enjoyed Too Human and was hoping against hope that there would eventually be some kind of sequel to finish how things ended.
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SK made one good game, the first Blood Omen. Everything else they made was total sh*t, including that grossly overrated digital abortion Eternal Darkness. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
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Considering how much of a downward progression Silicon Knights's games were over the years, I can't really say that I'm sad for the games that could have been. Their latests attempts weren't the greatest of quality, and just because they wanted to do sequels doesn't mean those games would have been good.

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Even if you didnt like SK, it's still sad that they're shutting down.
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As much as I like Eternal Darkness I don't know how much I would trust them to have made a good sequel now
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That's too bad I loved Eternal Darkness, but honestly they haven't done anything since then worthwhile and Too Human is one of the worst games I have ever played.