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Hey Guys what are your oppinions on the game Enemy Front ?
I've done a complete walkthrough of it. The graphics is amazing in this game. Take a look :)

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I'll agree it looks good and the overall gameplay is satisfying but as far as the story is I'm dissappointed since they could really have made it into an emotional rollercoaster considering the subject matter. Also rather dissappointed in the AI and a couple of bugs such as enemies getting stuck on walls and obstacles on the floor.

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I agree with that Enemy Front is not ideal game. Graphics and AI is not on the best condition but game looks good. Hwo knows maybe CI Games do somethinng with this and do some fix. But nvm for me storyline and soundtrack is very nice. I think EF is worth a recommendation. But this is only my opinion.

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I wanted to buy the game, but totally forgot it's existence so I guess I will buy it when it hits the bargain bins.

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this game is a wolfenstein wannabe

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Just returned from watching some gameplay of it, all I can is that game don't look too great.