End of a generation and the start of a new generation.

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Hello, I just want to talk about the past generation and the new generation of games console and the types of games that people play on them.

I will give you my thoughts and views and opinions and I would like to hear yours. The best bits and the worst bits of the past generation and what you are looking forward to on the next generation.

The Launch of Xbox One and Playstation 4 marks the start of the next generation of games console. Looking back at the past generation (PS3/Xbox 360) I feel that the games that came out on the consoles were good but there could have been more effort coming from game developers. Games with more innovation and less imitation, It is a sad fact that soon after the launch of PS3 a global financial crisis kicked off which made developers cautious about what projects they spent their money on. This resulted in developers just concentrating on ideas and methods that they knew would do well.

Endless sequels and tried and tested concepts and game-play were the result. Yes there were a few fresh ideas but not as much as there should have been. There are more people playing games than ever before but the innovations and variety seems to have slowed down. Game developers are not doing enough. They need to take more risks and be more adventurous.

The next generation of games console are here but there are many games franchise that have not had a first generation High-definition outing. It seems a lot of developers struggled to reach the peak visual performance of the PS3 and Xbox360, not all games looked the same visually. And that is probably why they left out some popular series. They didn't want to spend on developing if they could not get a good return.

Almost like we reached a human limitation for some developers. Many also took a cheap cell-shading approach. If some of these developers struggled to reach similar standards as other developers who seem to have no problem maxing out visuals then how are they going to perform on the next generation (PS4/XBOX One)? Players will demand more than what developers pulled off on the past generation (PS3/ XBOX 360). And a lot of developers will fail to reach the same visual levels.

The next generation console will probably be the easiest systems to work with because of the X86-64 based processors but the hardest and most expensive part will again be the Visuals which is just a natural evolution.

So again we will see variations in visual quality from different game developers. Visuals isn't everything but it's what makes a new generation console.

Looking at the specification so far the official websites don't reveal too much details. But some have said

that the Xbox One has a main processor with 8 cores running at 1.75GHz clock speed, and the Playstation 4 has a main processor with 8 cores running at 1.6GHz. Some also said, on the Xbox-One developers will only be able to use 6 out of the 8 processor cores. The Graphics on both are similar but some say that the PS4 has a slight advantage over Xbox-one. If these are the true specification then I think it was a stupid decision because more CPU clock speed is always better especially for consoles because they spend seven to ten years on the market with the same specification.

What makes it sound more stupid is that the old PS3 had a 7 core cell processor running at 3.2Ghz clock speed. Now I know it was difficult to work with, but it helped. Every bit of processing power is welcomed when considering the future of these game systems.

I don't want to say much about Nintendo but I feel they have made many mistakes and it will be Déjà vu again. Nintendo gamers will find that they can't play many multi-platform games because of the low specification of the Wii-U so they will have to buy an additional console to be able to play.

Anyway I strongly feel when it comes to the variety of games in the past consoles (PS3/XBOX360) the genres that ruined it for me was the crime simulators and the first-person-shooters. There were far too many. And no wonder, The past hard-core/mainstream console generation was won by an American company -Microsoft (Microsoft/XBox). Yee haa illiterate trigger-happy red-necks, just want to blow something up with these mindless first person shooters and some of those crime simulators, The PC scene is full of it. But its mainly the FPS I am so tired of them. I like Halo and Unreal and Gears of war and stuff, But I want to see more variety.

A simple game with a simple concept has become very popular -Angry birds. And that is only because the mainstream games industry has lost focus. This should never have happened.

I also blame the Japanese for their lapse and great failures. That's probably the only reason real innovation was mostly absent from the past generation. I hope Sony gets serious and wakes up and does what they do best along with all the Japanese game developers. Otherwise all we'll get is more of the same for another seven years. Perish the thought!

Anyway we can only hope. Lets see what the future brings.

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looking forward to next gen imo.

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@The_king64: Main parts to blame japan on. Square Enix going really derivative, Capcom selling out and chasing after the american 'action' machine. As evidenced by brilliant directors like Hideki Kamiya and Shinji Mikami and Hironobu Sakaguchi leaving Final Fantasy and Resident Evil behind. On the american side. EA and Activisions publishing monster eating up original studios under their flag and throwing out core talent. The seeds for a rough gen were laid during the turn of the PS2/XBOX. era. Now we have worry about microtransactions, these tenets of facebook and mobile gaming must fail on consoles or this console gen will decay like sandman. and I mean reeeaaally fast.

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next gen doesn't start until after dark souls 2

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The next Generation is gonna be amazing so far we had an amazing taste and its gonna be glorious throughout

Godspeed PS4,Xbone and Wii U

Wii U is basically a secondary console, its an exclusive machine, so instead of bitching about wanting the games, just get one alongside your PS4 or Xbone, simple as that. PS4 and Xbone are gonna be like 360 and PS3 and share the %90 of the same games down the line anyway.

Also with a new generation comes even worse Console Wars, prepare your things

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@Kyffre said:

next gen doesn't start until after dark souls 2

same here

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@The_king64: Way to stereotype a whole country, dickhead.

The last generation heralded the rise of flash over substance. Instead of taking the power available and using it to make games with more ability to affect the world around you, the developers decided to make gameworlds just as static as ever but prettier. There were a few exceptions, but all the biggest names of the generation fell into this trap- Batman: Arkham, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty- stop me anytime.

I'd like to see the next generation do more with the hardware then just prettier visuals- I'd like to see a game like The Avengers with entirely different root gameplay mechanics for each character. So that a flier like Iron Man or Thor would feel entirely different than superpowered heroes like Captain America and the Hulk, who would, in turn, feel entirely different than non powered heroes like Hawkeye and Black Widow.

I'd also like to see the return of Mercenaries- with full tilt destruction combining the total destruction of any building in the world from the previous games in the series and the methodical structural deconstruction from Red Faction: Guerilla.

I want to see developers take the abilities made possible by the next generation and do more with them than just making games prettier.