Elder Scrolls Online was a mistake...

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Elder Scrolls Online is not a bad game in and of itself. It's just not that fun, IMO. It simply carries on the typical MMO BS. It's only difference is the first person mode.

Lets list it's flaws....

1; Not worth 15 bucks a month

2; Segregated platforms

3; Far too many fetch quests and grinding

4; The ES gameplay does not work in MMO style. It's not the same game.

I think what they should have done was simple use a Guild Wars type online system in ES single player games. Make a few major cities into player hubs, and allow players to communicate and trade within those hubs. Outside the hubs, the game reverts back to single player, with the ability to form parties of up to 4. It would allow the choice of multiplayer gameplay, without forcing it.

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How well is the game doing so far in terms of number of players? In other words is it a success or a failure?

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@ariabed said:

How well is the game doing so far in terms of number of players? In other words is it a success or a failure?

It's got a moderately good number of players as of right now from what I've heard.

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One thing that surprised me about ESO is that every time I see some gameplay over youtube or twitch, the person is always using the third person view. I remember the out cry that erupted when ESO was announced about whether or not they was to be a first person view. Now it seems no ones using the first person perspective. Just seems funny to me.

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i never use the first person view in TES or ESO. In ESO first person view is a great way to get your skull caved in during instances or PvP....it's not like Skyrim where you've got maybe 3 people to fight at a time. I've been in groups where the healer literally moonwalked right up to the boss' hip (damn near on top of him) while helping to finish off an add, stands there for a good few seconds and gets one-shotted...then proceeds to *sigh* about it like it was everyone else's fault. Moral of the story: third person view > first person view for melee combat games.