Economy simulation games

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#1 Posted by Unkas70 (3 posts) -
Hello, do you know any online games where the economy of a whole nation is simulated realistically? As far as possible at least ;)
#2 Posted by WrightTime (247 posts) -
Miniconomy does this pretty well, I think. And Eve Online is basically a giant, user-driven economic MMO. In space.
#3 Posted by Unkas70 (3 posts) -
wow, ten years old and I did not know Miniconomy yet. Thanks for the hint.
#5 Posted by Marirranya (48 posts) -
settlers or civilization heh :3 i've always loved those games
#6 Posted by MeowLikeACat (8 posts) - An online, text based browser game. It incorporates economy, military, and politics, all taken part in with other real people. A bit slw, but endearing.