Economic Strategy game from the 90s

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Hi, please help me find a game from my youth. I played it sometime between 1996 and 1999 I believe. It was a business (factory) simulation game, ran on PC: either DOS or Windows (95 or 98). In the beginning you were shown the city map where you would get to chose your factory: price depended on how big it was. The factory floor (grey tiles) usually had an (green-blue-colored) office in the top-right, where you would hire personell (workers, maintenance guys, director, clerks...), and place cubicles and desks for them. You would get deliveries of raw materials that got places on stockpile tiles (usually to the lower left part of the screen). You had to place machines (greenish colored, with a conveyer belt) that would convert the raw materials into products (e.g. wood into furniture). These finished products would also get stacked on the stockpile tiles and get carried out (sold) by forklift machines. As the game progressed, you would buy better machines and work with better materials (from wood to plastics, composites, alloys, electronics) and produce more expensive end products. Here's a mockup of how I remember it (the graphics were actually isometric): I hope you can help me identify this game :)
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sounds like the "Free Enterprise" here is the link