EA issuing permanent bans for swearing on battlefield 3 profile.

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This has recently happened to me and a friend of mine, we were not cheating, we didnt have questionable clan tags or anything. Just the F word on my player presentation and an apparently offensive photo of me holding a real RPG... Last time I checked Battlefield 3 was rated MA in australia, meaning no one under 15 can buy or should play it. US I believe its rated Mature, for 17 and over and in Europe its rated M16+... Also, the game contains more course language than an afternoon in the kitchen with Gordon Ramsay. So where do they get off with the double standards banning people from ALL EA TITLES ONLINE for typing something far less offensive than what is yelled by the soldiers every 10-15 seconds?? Full story is on this site, www.easucks.org I had to post it elsewhere to ensure I dont get banned from anywhere I tell the story to for calling EA names.
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hurm.... no comment