E3 over, but who won???

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So E3 Press conferences is over and all but Nintendo had their time in the spotlight.

But who went home with the E3 Press trophy?

Sony? who was the first to announce GTA V for Next-gen and of course Grim Fandango exclusive for Ps4 and VITA

Microsoft, Phantom dust, Halo Master Chief collection

Ubisoft, Unity, The Crew, Far Cry 4


All in all it was a boring and not very fullfilling E3, but sony finished it of on a high :D

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imo nobody won i wasn't impressed with ms or sony i'm looking for a good reason to upgrade my systems but i guess its ps3 and 360 till next year

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@RadTad62: I agree with this. I got A PS4 and I will get an Xbox later...however there's nothing that makes me immediately go whoa I got next-gen. I'm buying both system in terms of exclusives that'll blow me away. Who won E3 was Batman lol

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The way I figure it...

Sony didn't do much this year and their conference was so disappointing. The only two things I liked about that one was the announcement of GTAV on PS4 and that Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay demo they showed off. Never wanted it to end! That being said, they wasted too much time talking about their other products. Should have stuck to their strategy from last year and make it all about the games, both current and new.

Microsoft, so far, wins it. It was all about the games and a few of them stood out for me to make me possibly consider getting an Xbox One this fall, such as the Halo Master Chief edition and Sunset Overdrive. I also wanted to play games like Killer Instinct, Ryse, Titanfall, and Forza still, so it may be a good reason to pick up one now.

EA was all talk, no substance. Don't care much for sports games, but I did find the Battlefield: Hardline gameplay trailer was impressive!

Ubisoft showcased Assassin's Creed Unity and it looked incredible. Nostalgia was flowing through me as I watched it. Reminded me so much of AC 1 and 2 in terms of looks, architecture, how real and atmospheric the world turned out, the variety of missions you can do on the fly, etc. I'm also intrigued by the four-player co-op as well. The Division was also fantastic...an RPG with third-person shooting elements? I'm in!

So, overall, Microsoft and Ubisoft were pretty much impressive in my eyes.

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Well... I will flat out say I like Microsoft so I am biased. I thought Microsoft won out of the consoles although I thought they didn't do a great job either. Sony's exclusives look boring and uninspired to me. Not to mention they only showed New Order and Uncharted for "big" exclusives. Their exclusives always seem to be about the story more than the game play and, quite frankly, if I was going to play a title like that... I will play Witcher any day. (which also has fun game play) Last of Us was the same for me. I just got bored. I really think this is due to the environments and lack of fantasy doesn't appeal to me rather than the quality of their games.

Xbox killed them as far as "big" exclusives go. They are just more the type of games i enjoy. Independent games never hit home with me so those were just a wash. Ubisoft won for developers.2014

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@Enfamous_Mr_BHC: i was looking and i was like how can i get excited about games i either played and beaten or already own that's like somebody painting my car another color and me buying it again

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The best games shown were multiplat. If you want to give one guy credit because a third party decided to show their game in that guy's conference, fine. I think overall Sony's conference had the best gameplay reveals - FC4's rampaging pachyderm and flying squirrel suit; Batmobile rampage - but you can play all those games on X1 as well.

As far as exclusives, it was just a smorgasbord of CG with the exception of Fable Legends, Sunset Overdrive, LBP3 and the Order. Hard to give anyone the edge, there. I think LBP3 and Fable look good, but the order (as beautiful as it is) hardly inspires any feelings beyond familiarity and Insomniac has never done anything well outside of platformers.

Overall the vast majority of content here is from the same games we were shown at last E3. Hard to get excited about that. The only thing I didn't know about that I'm walking away from these conferences wanting to know more about is Bloodborne.

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ubisot won for me. they had better presenters and better games overall.

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@Ish_basic: I agree, Microsoft was too CGI and Sony was focused too much on fuckin' indies. I like indies but gotdamn they don't push a system as far as hype. The third parties are what saved this E3 from being a complete crapfest. I'd say this was one of the worse E3 as far follow up exclusives for systems. There's still a couple more days of E3, hopefully there's more surprise announcement but it's disappointing.

RadTad62: I agree you already got a sports car no need to get another one until the engine fails and the misses or significant other keyes the car. I wish I didn't pull the trigger on a next-gen system yet but since I did...I feel like I need them there...even if I am playing last-gen more.

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Probably Nintendo if they show Zelda U.

Microsoft = B

Sony =C

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I would say none of them had big surprises and made us Wow . most of the things we saw were totally expected . uncharted 4 or master chief collection .....

but Microsoft's show was the best . games from beginning to end and they brought two awesome games back to life : Crackdown and Phantom dust .

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Nintendo hasnt gone yet. Seeing as the Wii U has the most exclusives coming out this year it wins, hell the Zelda HD reveal alone obliterates all of E3. So far the best thing I have seen is that Batman Arkham Knight trailer, Scarecrow looks BADASS!

#13 Posted by Master_Of_Fools (1367 posts) -

@ZzNashoO: Bloodbourne looks cool.

#14 Posted by Minishdriveby (10007 posts) -

Neither convinced me to buy their console, so both failed. Let's see what Nintendo does tomorrow. The real winner right now is the PC.

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Microsoft had a great show. It was fast, focused and showcased a ton of exclusives, with the icing on the cake that was the Halo Master Chief Collection. I wasn't really hyped for Sunset Overdrive prior to this, but the gameplay looks exactly like they crazy over the top fun that I'd expect from an Insomniac title, also excited for Crackdown it seems to be going back to been more like the original, instead of that weird zombie mess they had in the 2nd game. If I was to say anything bad about Microsoft's show it was the lack of 3rd party, we got the Tomb Raider announcement and some Witcher 3, Evolve, and Dragon Age stuff but that was it really, and then there was the disappointing use of Conker in project Spark, they acknowledge that he's not been seen for a long time and then tell us to make our own Conker game, which makes it seem like they don't ever plan to do it themselves.

EA, TBH I don't even know why they showed up this year. I expected a lot from them with last years announcement of Star Wars Battlefront, I wanted to see some gameplay, but all we got was that dev diary and tbh I'd have preferred to have not heard anything at all. As for everything else that they did show, nothing really stood out to me, Sims 4 proved they have nothing more they can do with the series and there now entering the realm of just making new titles for the sake of it rather than because there's new things they can do, there sports games are as boring and unchanged as ever, finally Battlefield: Hardline, again another disappointment.

Ubisoft, again seems sorta pointless. Assassin's Creed, Far Cry and The Division where all shown off on other stages. No one cares about Dance Central Mobile or that Fitness game, The Crew might be OK, but it seems like so many driving games are coming out soon with both Forza Horizon 2 and Drive Club that there's kinda no one to aim The Crew at because both these games do what the Crew is also doing, but are exclusive to there platform, so will most likely do it better because of the single platform focus, and finally there was Rainbow 6, not the big showstopper they where hoping it would be I think, but TBH that's because it was just another co-op shooter in an E3 that has been full of them. Not to mention that so many parts of the show where just so cringe-worthy it was sickening.

Sony where kinda all over the place. I thought they wasted too much time and dragged it on too long, they spent a lot of time talking about hardware, but at the same time didn't say anything, same with there TV show Powers, all they really said was that it's based on a comic, and then talked about it for 10 minutes and yet didn't tell us a damn thing. I was also disappointed with The Order, it only looked like you controlled your character in dedicated shooting sections and the rest was cut scenes and QTE's. My one last problem was that there handing of TLoU remastered was appalling, yes they stuck a spoiler warning at the start, but then instantly ruined the incredibly emotional beginning of the game, which seemed incredibly stupid when you think about how many people jumped from 360 to PS4 and never played TLoU at it's original release, instead they should have just used random clips from the game that didn't contain spoilers for those who've not played it. Now onto the good, Batman looks incredible, we got the GTA V next gen confirmation, Uncharted 4 seems great (and sounds like it might be the last game in the series going by the subtitle), and that surprised reveal of LBP3 after the devs had said they had nothing to show this E3, not sure what to make of BloodBorne it doesn't look like a Souls game which is what people where expecting, but still looked interesting, then finally there was MGS V, which most of us had seen prior to the show.

For right now, Microsoft is winning IMO, but I don't think it'd take much for Nintendo to come in and steal it in there Direct.

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almost everything was leaked before e3 so nothing had a real impact.

Although Grim Fandango it's great news for me

#17 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (13630 posts) -

What ? ! :o

E3's Over Already ?

#18 Posted by ZzNashoO (140 posts) -

@Master_Of_Fools: I agree. I forgot about Bloodborne and it was definitely the best exclusive shown by Sony. It definitely looked like it had potential. But if you leave out ID's and consider "big budget" titles... Sony released 4 exclusives to Microsofts 8 exclusives.

Sony: Little Big Planet, The Order, Uncharted, and Bloodborne

Microsoft: Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, Forza, Fable Legends, Phantom Dust, Scalebound, Halo Collection/Halo 5, Crackdown

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Anyway nobody won..... So many great games being exclusive to platforms I don't have....... Obviously Gamers lost big today !

#20 Posted by thelordofpies (565 posts) -

wait itès over I thought it just started.

#21 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (13630 posts) -


Thats exactly what I thought.

#22 Posted by ShepardCommandr (2735 posts) -

sony as usual

#23 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (6205 posts) -

Even though I'm a PS fan, I have to give it to MS (out of MS & Sony).

#24 Posted by Jeager_Titan (947 posts) -

As always. Gamers win.

#25 Posted by maynardburger (187 posts) -

We already knew about everything, basically. Its all been somewhat disappointing.

Bout equal between Sony and MS, I guess. Will depend on which games appeal to you more.

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The year 2015 won. The year 2014 definitely lost.

But toe-for-toe I'll take Sony's exclusive games over Microsoft, especially considering that they really seemed to be withholding Japanese stuff for TGS. I wouldn't even rule out Nintendo yet.

Microsoft for me basically had Ori, some more stuff from the Limbo guys, and Scaleborne. My disinterest in any of their franchises still remains.

#27 Posted by sukraj (23032 posts) -

@jeager_titan said:

As always. Gamers win.

yes gamers won E3.

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I honestly think Microsoft did a great job. It was just nonstop games, games, games. Im not a Halo guy, so I don't really care about that. But I liked scalebound, and phantom dust. I mean, Sony has me by the balls because of Bloodborne (project beast), but nothing else exclusive got my attention. Yeah, okay, last Guardian is "in development" but with Bloodborne and Last Guardian both TBA, Im probably going Xbox1 this gen, at least to start. But missing a Fromsoft game would be a mistake.

#29 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (13630 posts) -


No we didn't.... I just found I have to put with Microsoft and their crap if I wana play ScaleBound ! Thats a big loss. We only win where Multiplats are concerned.....

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As a Sony fan, I was so disappointed with Sony's conference for E3 this year. There were some nice exclusives such as Bloodborne and Little Big Planet 3. But it would be better if they show the gameplay for Bloodborne instead of CGI trailer.

Hopefully Nintendo has something for us later this day.

#31 Posted by Planeforger (15792 posts) -

I haven't kept up with the E3 news this year, but it sounds like a weak year for both companies.

I guess Sony "wins" due to the Grim Fandango rerelease (which is the only surprising news so far!), but I'd be astounded if Nintendo doesn't steal the show again tomorrow, even without their own presentation.

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I couldn't watch the MS conference so my answer isn't fair. In terms of "new" games Crackdown 3 isn't up there with UC4 & Bloodborne so Sony. Haven't had a proper look at this Platinum Bone game yet. Overall, E3 seriously lacked anything shocking or unexpected.

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@Lulu_Lulu said:


No we didn't.... I just found I have to put with Microsoft and their crap if I wana play ScaleBound ! Thats a big loss. We only win where Multiplats are concerned.....

I hear ya my friend not enough exclusives on the xbox.

#34 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (13630 posts) -


Uhm........ Thats not what I meant.... I was actually hoping for fewer exclusives...... Way fewer ! Practically none at all.

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@RadTad62 said:

imo nobody won i wasn't impressed with ms or sony i'm looking for a good reason to upgrade my systems but i guess its ps3 and 360 till next year

This. I was pretty disappointed with every press conference IMO.

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When checking the E3 Live Stage schedule on Gamespot, it says that several slots remain "Unannounced game": do we know what these games are? Have these games been announced via the conferences, or are there still some mystery games knockin' about?

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E3 is not over, it just started. It ends on Thursday.

#38 Posted by sukraj (23032 posts) -

@jimmy_russell said:

E3 is not over, it just started. It ends on Thursday.

lots of info to come yet

#39 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (13630 posts) -


Thank You for Clarifying...... Even though I don't watch E3 I knew something was not right.

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E3 really isn't over yet.

If you try to look at it through semi unbiased eyes, neither of the big two really won. Both had good conferences, but they did mainly show a bunch of multi-plats, indie games, stuff we already knew about, and a few exclusives.

Of course on here, there will be a resounding Sony won swelling through the calf population. Personally I would say MS had an edge. Their conference just stayed interesting. Sony's died off quite a bit during the middle.

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@jimmy_russell said:

E3 is not over, it just started. It ends on Thursday.

Thats why in the post if you read it , it said "E3 press conferences is over"

But to be honest the news is pretty much over and done with and if anything "unexpected" comes up its mostly indie games and games from smaller studios.

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E3 ain't over buddy, There's still Nintendo.

Of the ones I've seen I'd say Sony was actually great this year. They had a lot of good announcements.

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@Jacanuk said:

@jimmy_russell said:

E3 is not over, it just started. It ends on Thursday.

Thats why in the post if you read it , it said "E3 press conferences is over"

But to be honest the news is pretty much over and done with and if anything "unexpected" comes up its mostly indie games and games from smaller studios.

...and the third part of the Big Three, Nintendo. Who traditionally steal the show with big game announcements.

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@Planeforger said:
@Jacanuk said:

@jimmy_russell said:

E3 is not over, it just started. It ends on Thursday.

Thats why in the post if you read it , it said "E3 press conferences is over"

But to be honest the news is pretty much over and done with and if anything "unexpected" comes up its mostly indie games and games from smaller studios.

...and the third part of the Big Three, Nintendo. Who traditionally steal the show with big game announcements.

Eh, when has Nintendo won E3?

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I liked Microsoft's conference the most. It was non-stop games and I prefer their exclusives over the others.

#46 Posted by jer_1 (7451 posts) -

Can't say any I've seen were particularly great. There were a few gems in the mix though.

#47 Posted by mattykovax (22693 posts) -

I feel like I won. Though all three majors (I only care about the consoles, fuck the two biggest publishing houses that will milk on all consoles) had ups and downs, my end take away is Nintendo convinced me I made a good purchase with the Wii U and Sony and MS convinced me both consoles will have enough unique experiences that appeal to me that I will have to get both. Unlike last gen I will be going back to owning all the consoles at once I think.

#48 Posted by chicknfeet (15629 posts) -

Can't say any of them were particularly great. They had some high points with a few of the games, but the majority of the announcements seemed pretty blah...imo

#49 Posted by firefox59 (4403 posts) -

I think Nintendo won in that they finally convinced people that it's worth it to buy a Wii U. Zelda, Starfox, Kirby, Mario & DK, a new IP plus two new games coming from Miyamoto himself. Add that to Smash, Mario Kart and Bayonetta 2 + Bayonetta. If you can't find a few games in that to get excited about then wow.

#50 Posted by Master_Of_Fools (1367 posts) -

@ZzNashoO: Nintendo wins lol. Starfox instant winner for me. As for Microsoft...

Project Spark: Interesting but don't care.

Sunset Overdrive: Something about it puts me off....another gun game, while it looks nice...I don't want gun games.

Forza: Ha, nobody cares about it.

Fable Legends: Wasnt there already a Fable Legends Kinect game? Also I have never had any interest in Fable.

Phantom Dust: Never heard of the original so I can't say much....I don't even know what kind of game it is...

Scalebound: Cool looking, but don't know much about it yet.

Halo Collection: I already have Halo CEA, Halo 3, and Halo 4 on my 360, just missing Halo 2, its useless should have just done backwards compatibilty on the Xbox One and just done Halo 2 Anniversary.

Halo 5: Was there even anything shown? A blip with that weird new guy...but its 343issues making it. Halo died with Halo 4, 343i sucks.

Crackdown: Had no clue what it was till the name showed up, I don't play the Crack Down games, not interested for me.